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Sterilisable motors and gearheads
First Quarter 2006, Shaft power components

Increasing miniaturisation in medical technology, optimised function and quality requirements are boosting the demand for high-tech products. maxon motor is responding to this trend by offering a wider range of sterilisable motors and gearheads.

Traditional compressed air drives used in medical technology are gradually being replaced by electrical ones. They are flexible to use, easy to regulate, more hygienic and do not make the shrill noise that terrifies some patients.

Electrical drives open up new possibilities for dental and medical technology. They can be used in a range of applications, such as handtools for surgery and dental medicine, infusion pumps, endoscopes, dialysis systems, collimators in radiation and analysis equipment. As well as being completely reliable, one crucial aspect for medical applications - and one that has been a major problem for drives - is that the components can be sterilised.

maxon motor now offers three sterilisable, electronically commutated DC motors in diameters of 6, 16 and 22 mm. The production processes and choice of material are specifically optimised for the extreme conditions of sterilisation.

The new sterilisable EC 16 with 40 W output has a 12,6 mNm torque and reaches speeds of up to 50 000 rpm-1. The motors are available with integrated Hall sensors, helping create dynamic servodrives when combined with the appropriate electronics.

More torque with sterilisable gearheads

Gears can be used if greater torque and lower speeds are required. maxon is now adding a sterilisable 22 mm diameter gearhead to complement its existing 6 and 8 mm ones.

The new GP 22 M has 55 different reduction ratios from 3,8:1 to 4592:1 and a maximum continuous torque of up to 2 Nm. When combined with the sterilisable EC 22 motor, this creates a dynamic 50 W unit that can be used in many applications. A 22 mm diameter makes it suitable for handtools.

Supplied By: DNH Tradeserve
Tel: +27 11 468 2722/4127
Fax: 086 509 6714
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