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Parker Hannifin's authorised partners
3rd Quarter 2012, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Parker Hannifin’s Modderfontein-based authorised distributor, Sisonke Hydraulics, has achieved Authorised Repair Centre (ARC) status for sub-Saharan Africa for the Denison and Goldcup ranges of pumps and motors.
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Condition monitoring by Parker Hannifin
3rd Quarter 2012, Hydraulic systems & components

Predictive maintenance plays a significant role in managing hydraulic, lubrication and fuel applications more efficiently.
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Twin-flow pump for demanding applications
2nd Quarter 2012, Hydraulic systems & components

Parker Hannifin, the world’s largest manufacturer of motion and control technologies, has launched the latest addition to its F2 range of twin-flow hydraulic pumps.
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Electrohydraulic cylinders deliver speed, power and precision
1st Quarter 2012, Hydraulic systems & components

OEMs and end-users alike will benefit from the speed, power and precision of a new and highly advanced electrohydraulic cylinder, which has been launched by Parker Hannifin, a leader in motion and control ...
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Supersonic engineering
4th Quarter 2011, Hydraulic systems & components

As one of the product sponsors of the Bloodhound landspeed project, Parker Hannifin is providing leading edge technology and technical support to a unique British venture to develop the first land vehicle to break the 1000 mph (1600 kph) speed barrier
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Compressed air pipes for large projects
3rd Quarter 2011, Pneumatic systems & components

An increasing number of projects require the use of larger capacity pipe diameters up to 168 mm (DN 150-6”). These include industrial buildings which have primary networks for compressed air supply above ...
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Air quality risk and reward
1st Quarter 2011, Pneumatic systems & components

To be cost effective, filtration must be proactively planned, managed and financed as part of an ongoing maintenance strategy
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Low noise vane pump
Second quarter 2006, Other technologies

The Vane Pump Division of Parker is offering its T7AS vane pump. Some of the pump's features, like low noise, user friendly operation, compactness and high speed capabilities, provide benefits which give ...
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Twin flow pumps offer considerable energy savings
Second quarter 2006, Hydraulic systems & components

An hydraulic system for demanding applications such as forestry cranes, refuse vehicles, municipal vehicles and salt spreaders - all needing separate flows of differing capacities - will be a complicated ...
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NASA's crawler transporters get a rebuild
Second Quarter 2005, Hydraulic systems & components

Just 1000 hours of use in 35 years of service? How can anyone justify that kind of mobile equipment utilisation rate? NASA can. A thousand hours in over 35 years is what they have logged for their two ...
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