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Versatile energy saving drives

1 August 2020 Editor's Choice

BMG’s Vacon 100 AC drives have been designed to save energy, optimise process control and improve productivity in many sectors, including processing, mining and minerals, industrial HVAC, marine and water, as well as chemical, oil and gas industries. They are suitable for a wide range of variable torque and constant power/torque applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors.

All drives are equipped with integrated Ethernet, which means there is no need for additional interface cards to communicate with process automation. Integrated Ethernet also provides access for commissioning and maintenance through the Vacon Live configuration tool and makes local or remote monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting possible.

The drives use electrolyte-free DC link technology that extends the life of the system. Because there is no need to replace electrolytic capacitors – which wear over time – interruptions and maintenance costs are minimised. They have integrated smart features and a wide range of constant power/torque applications. The user friendly system is easy to integrate into all major control systems and is quickly adaptable to different plant automation requirements and retrofit situations.

All Vacon 100 AC drives have a user-friendly keypad that allows for fast setup and installation, easy commissioning and trouble-free operation. Vacon Programming software tools enable OEMs to achieve a high level of machine performance.

Safety features include the Safe Torque Off (STO) facility that prevents the AC drive from generating torque on the motor shaft and prevents unintentional start-ups. Safe Stop 1(SS1) initiates motor deceleration and starts the STO function after an application-specific time delay. The optional integrated STO and SS1 safety options have several advantages over standard safety technology using electromechanical switchgears. For example, separate components and laborious wiring are no longer necessary and there is no compromise on safety.

An optional ATEX-certified integrated thermistor input has been designed for temperature control of motors used in areas where potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist or air-mixtures are present, or where there is combustible dust. If overheating is detected, the drive immediately stops feeding energy to the motor. As no external components are necessary, cabling is minimised, improving reliability, reducing space requirements and optimising costs.

Another notable feature is Vacon Save – a savings calculator for pump, fan and compressor applications, which is used to estimate costs and energy savings. An energy counter and real-time clock enable easy monitoring of energy savings and optimised control of the cooling fan. They also reduce the noise levels of the system.

Vacon 100 compact wall-mounted drives have all necessary components integrated in a single drive and are available in IP21/UL Type 1 or IP54/UL Type 12, available at 230 V, 500 V and 690 V. Integrated features include a DC choke, EMC filters and a brake chopper standard in frames MR4 to MR6. Benefits include reduced installation space, cost-efficiency and greater reliability in harsh environments.

Vacon 100 IP00 drive modules are designed for installation into any enclosure. These modules offer improved reliability by separating the main cooling air flow from the rest of the drive electronics. Other features include integrated components and a wide power range, using only four frames.

Compact Vacon 100 enclosed drives are available from 75 to 630 kW at 380–500 V and 75 to 800 kW at 525–690 V and can be installed in pumps or conveyors used in the most demanding conditions. The air cooling channel provides dependable thermal handling of the enclosure, also extending service life of the drive. Approved EMC solutions ensure reliable operation of the drive, without disturbing other electrical equipment.

Vacon 100 enclosed drives are configurable with power, control and enclosure options to meet the specific needs of every application. Output filter options, input disconnect and brake choppers are integrated into the cabinet solution, eliminating the need for additional equipment outside of the enclosure. Power options, such as output filters are integrated into the air-cooling solution and provide a thermally approved cabinet design.

Other notable features of enclosed drives include a system that is configured to exact requirements, a door-mounted control compartment separate from the main drive and a dedicated area for signal lights and control switches. For user convenience, all components are accessible from the front of the enclosure. Benefits include quick installation, faster commissioning and easy serviceability, as well as safe accessibility to controls.

For more information contact Mick Baugh, BMG, +27 11 620 1538, mickb@bmgworld.net, www.bmgworld.net


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