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Compressed air purity analyser
Compressed air treatment using filters and dryers is an effective barrier to airline contamination. Until recently, auditing the compressed air quality in a system was difficult, but clients and professional ...


Swagefast lockbolt pins and collars
BMG’s locally manufactured Swagefast lockbolt pins and collars ensure increased productivity and reliability in heavy duty, high vibration applications, especially where structural integrity is critical ...


Siemens controls for vaccine production
The biotechnology company, BioNTech, converted an existing facility in Marburg, Germany for the production of the Covid-19 vaccine in a record time with assistance from Siemens. Through collaboration ...


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Become a Bosch Rexroth Distributor in Africa
News & events

Bosch Rexroth South Africa is looking to welcome new sales partners into its African distribution network. Through Hytec Services Africa (HSA), the Group is looking to expand its network by bringing its ...
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Hacking for a difference
RS Components SA, Editor's Choice, News & events

The annual Geekulcha Hackathon recently saw more than 100 coders, developers and programmers challenge each other in an online contest.The event has become a highlight in the African developer world. ...
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Versatile, high-performance grease
Other technologies

Lubrication Engineers (LE) has developed its most versatile mid-range general purpose lubricant yet. Almatek 1233 has been created for external and general bearing grease applications. It is technologically ...
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Schneider Electric supports GivingTuesday
Schneider Electric South Africa, News & events

Schneider Electric South Africa has, in the run up to GivingTuesday, rolled out complimentary virtual training to its education partners network across southern Africa. These digital training sessions ...
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The digital sensor age is here
News & events

In an ever-growing digital world, Danfoss Industrial Automation has repositioned itself as Danfoss Sensing Solutions, representing the union of application-driven sensor technologies and unparalleled ...
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Danfoss continues to invest in sustainable transformation
Danfoss, News & events

There has been growing momentum in the energy sector, and governments across the world are committing to a transition to low-carbon economies. At the recent opening of the Investing in Africa Mining Indaba, ...
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PC-based control technology for next-generation telescope
Beckhoff Automation, Editor's Choice, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Key factors were the advantages of EtherCAT for site-wide real-time communication connecting all telescope functions. Various embedded PCs and AM8000 servomotors were also tested and specified, among ...
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Siemens and CSIR to boost 4IR
Siemens Digital Industries, News & events

South Africa’s pursuit of 4IR received a massive boost when the CSIR and Siemens South Africa entered into a partnership to empower the country with digital skills. The two organisations have signed an ...
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Siemens’ first edge application for drives
Siemens Digital Industries, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

As part of the Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog, Siemens is launching Analyze MyDrives Edge, its first edge application for drives. The company is thus demonstrating in concrete terms how edge computing ...
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Willem Gijzelaar retires from Bosch Rexroth
News & events

Willem Gijzelaar, group marketing manager at Bosch Rexroth South Africa, retired in December 2020 after 35 years’ service at the company and 47 years in the fluid power industry. Beginning his career ...
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Fast, safe transport on the factory floor
Omron Electronics, Editor's Choice

The Philips site in Klagenfurt produces over 23 million linear cutting elements for hair and beard trimmers each year. These beard trimmers use lift-and-trim technology: the beard hair is first lifted ...
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The unforeseen costs of counterfeit bearings
Shaft power components

Downtime, consequential damage, reduced lifespan, poor performance and safety are just some of the dangers of using counterfeit bearings, which are increasingly prevalent across South African industry, ...
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The benefits of collaborative robots
SMC Corporation South Africa, Editor's Choice, Robotics & Mechatronics

While robotics led the way for the rapid growth of automation, cobots are the democratisation of robotics technology. They eliminate the cost and complex programming that robots usually require while providing much greater flexibility.
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Energy efficiency in the chemical industry
Danfoss, Editor's Choice

Danfoss has widespread experience and expertise in refrigeration and in controlling the speed of AC motors in all main chemicals sectors: petrochemicals, basic inorganics, polymers, specialty and ...
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Forklift products and technologies
Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa, Hydraulic systems & components

The lift truck industry is growing not only in volume, but in sophistication. The demand for friendly interfaces, predictable performance, increased productivity, IIoT connectivity and environmental safety ...
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Proportional flow control valve
Axiom Hydraulics, Hydraulic systems & components

Sun Hydraulics has released the company’s first solenoid-operated, three-way proportional flow control valve as part of the expanding line of FLeX Series valves. The patent-pending, compact FREP combines ...
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Power transmission solutions in the mining sector
Bearing Man Group T/A BMG, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG’s range of Tsubaki back stop cam clutches, which is suitable for high or low speed applications, meets the requirements of current mining legislation and has many critical features not found in conventional ...
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Festo at the heart of absolute automation
Festo, Pneumatic systems & components

Festo is renowned as one of the leading pneumatic automation suppliers. Over the years, the company has also set the pace in both Process and Electric Automation. This is backed by its proven record of ...
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