2020 ▾

Fourth Quarter 2020: Feature Articles

  • Festo Simplified Motion Series electric drives designed for simple movements
  • Extending wind turbine service life
  • Mobile robot with 1500 kg payload capacity
  • Never say no to a challenge
  • Solutions for shipping
  • The role of pick and place robots
  • VSDs improve energy efficiency on farms

Third Quarter 2020: Feature Articles

  • SMC brings Industry 4.0 solutions to South Africa
  • Milling machines for the aircraft industry
  • Rethinking pneumatic technology for the factories of the future
  • The role of hydraulics and pneumatics in smart mining technologies

Second Quarter 2020: Feature Articles

  • Integrated drive technology for optimised machine design
  • Electromechanical motion products for today’s machines
  • Thousands of robots swarm together

First Quarter 2020: Feature Articles

  • SEW-Eurodrive’s pick-and-place solution for brick and block plant
  • Breaking par for security at ­Woodhill
  • Butterfly valves for demanding applications
  • Customised containerised compressor
  • Factory harmony
  • Moving into 2020 with Festo digitalised products

2019 ▾

Fourth Quarter 2019: Feature Articles

  • Addressing evolving hydraulics application challenges - Full article
  • Addressing evolving hydraulics challenges
  • Control for additive manufacturing
  • Identifying energy wastage in compressed air
  • On the way towards fully electrified mining machines
  • Root cause analysis of bearing damage in wind turbines
  • Smart sensors for motion control
  • Varispeed VSDs now available from Bearings International

Third Quarter 2019: Feature Articles

  • A Digital Enterprise journey
  • Does edge computing have the edge?
  • Motors that let you know when it’s time for a service
  • SMC is here to stay
  • The optimised factory floor
  • Underwater robot with a unique fin

2nd Quarter 2019: Feature Articles

  • Flying motion
  • Data, light and the smart factory
  • Five hydraulics technology trends
  • Industry 5.0 – the best of both worlds
  • Long-term equipment hire is a cost-saver
  • Making the move to weld-free piping

1st Quarter 2019: Feature Articles

  • Music festival is a flying success
  • A bionic flying fox
  • Football pitch in three pieces
  • How to select an air motor
  • New Scara robot family
  • Ready for smart manufacturing
  • Siemens launches digital mining incubator at Wits