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Festo Simplified Motion Series electric drives designed for simple movements

Fourth Quarter 2020 Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Solving simple motion tasks electrically is now possible with the Simplified Motion Series (SMS) from Festo. The electric drive series combines the simplicity of pneumatics with the benefits of electric automation to offer users an affordable solution that is easy to install and operate. The SMS consists of different linear and rotary electromechanical components together with a simple and application-optimised combination of motor and servo drives. With this solution, there is no need for external servo drives and the installation of a control cabinet, because it is mounted directly in the machine.

The Simplified Motion Series integrates all the elements of standard electric drive solutions into a single package for simple motion tasks such as repositioning, aligning, feeding, sorting, clamping, ejecting and stopping. Simplified setup and operation make these electric drives perfect for simple motions between two mechanical end positions, without having to sacrifice electric drive motion characteristics such as pre-defined speed, gently cushioned movement into end positions and selectable force for pressing or clamping functions.

There is no need for additional software. The parameters for the advancing and retracting speed as well as the pressing and clamping force can be set directly on the drive, along with the end position reference and cushioning profile. Thanks to this intuitive, quick and easy commissioning facility, configurations do not require any special software or specific know-how. The motion can be simply controlled via digital I/O (DIO), like a pneumatic valve. End position feedback, similar to that from a standard proximity sensor or cylinder switch, provides feedback on completion of the motion.

Each drive in this series is controlled via digital I/O. Digital I/O and IO-Link are included as standard. IO-Link enables the drives to communicate intelligently from the controllers all the way to the cloud about simple motions, as well as easy handling, commissioning and actuation. Additionally, it allows remote control, parameter copy, backup function and read functions for process parameters.

Product overview

The Simplified Motion Series comprises various powerful electric drives. The drives below work together to give customers optimum results.

Spindle and toothed belt axis ELGS

An extremely compact and cost-effective spindle axis ELGS-BS with precise, resilient recirculating ball bearing guide for the slide and powerful ball screw.

Mini slide EGSS

The cost-effective and resilient EGSS has smooth spindle operation for vertical Z movements or guided linear individual movements in every mounting position.

Electric cylinder EPCE

The EPCE is an electric cylinder for short strokes and cycle times, offering a minimal zero stroke and excellent value for money. It is ideal for use in testing and inspection systems as well as for labelling, in simple centring tasks and for aligning workpieces.

Electric cylinder EPCS

The EPCS is suitable for single linear movements in every mounting position, and its smooth-running ball screw allows precise and rapid positioning. As an extremely cost-effective complete solution, the electric cylinder is ideal for applications such as positioning or clamping, distributing, sorting or ejecting, and in handling systems as a simple Z-axis.

Toothed belt axis ELGE

The toothed belt axis offers outstanding running performance thanks to its recirculating ball bearing guide ELGE-TB. As an attractively priced complete solution with a cost-optimised design, it is an ideal and economical choice for simple tasks.

Rotary drive ERMS

As a cost-effective solution package, the rotary drive ERMS is ideal for simple swivel tasks as well as for increased mechanical loads. It has a rotary plate with sturdy, precise and backlash-free ball bearings so it can absorb lateral forces and torques.

The Simplified Motion Series is an ideal entry point for customers requiring an upgrade to electric drive automation with simple setup and control. The ready matched motor, drive and axis make selection safe and reliable and clearly show the way ahead for simple yet controlled motion.

For more information contact Festo South Africa, 08600 FESTO (33786), marketing.za@festo.comwww.festo.co.za


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