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Festo perfectly integrated Electric Automation solutions for a complete drive system

Third Quarter 2021 Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The servo drive CMMT-AS/ST and servo motor EMMT-AS are some of the products that Festo recently featured in their ‘heart of absolute automation’ campaign. Their campaign aims to enhance machine performance. In the human analogy, the electrical system keeps the heart beating in a regular rhythm and adjusts the rate at which it beats, while in automation, Festo offers a complete drive system consisting of servo drive and servo motor. This duo offers seamless connectivity in hardware and software, which ensures that machine functions remain in a regular rhythm. The servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS are connected via a one-cable solution and can be put into operation very quickly and easily using the Festo Automation Suite programming software. The extra low-voltage servo drive CMMT-ST can also be used in applications that require low voltages (24 V and 48 V) and extremely efficient moving and positioning.

The benefits of the new servo drives CMMT-AS/ST and servo motors EMMT-AS are numerous: maximum connectivity of the hardware and software, great efficiency and precise positioning. Furthermore, the pair offers complete integration into other third-party control concepts via Ethernet-IP, Profinet or Ethercat as their respective protocols or directly on the motion control system CPX-E from Festo. The modular and optimised package design of the CPX-E motion controller and PLC ensure low space requirements in the control cabinet. The astounding features and benefits of the two products have placed them at the heart of absolute automation.

High-performance CMMT-AS

As a state-of-the-art compact servo drive, the CMMT-AS is an integral component of the Festo automation platform. It is designed for dynamic motion, point-to-point and interpolating in demanding applications such as packaging machines, assembly and handling technology, or the electronics industry. The direct Fieldbus integration to important controller manufacturers enables the direct integration of the CMMT-AS into all application programs simply and efficiently.

Product features

• Servo drive offers Ethernet-based and simple integration into automation solutions with controllers, e.g. Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff and others.

• Control element CDSB with touchscreen and USB interface for full-text diagnostics or simple data backup on-site and for transferring the same program data to several CMMT-AS, e.g. for series machines.

• Two multi-encoder inputs: one for connected motors and the second for redundant measuring system in safety-related two-channel solutions.

Low-voltage servo controller CMMT-ST

The ultra-compact low-voltage controller CMMT-ST represents excellent economic efficiency and maximum space efficiency. Positioning tasks or movements with low continuous power requirements of up to 300 W can be solved virtually perfectly with the CMMT-ST. Its small dimensions enable optimum use of the installation space in the control cabinet. When operating the CMMT-ST on the existing 24 V DC network and with a maximum continuous output of 150 W, it is even possible to do away with the extra power supply unit. This again saves costs, reduces the installation effort and lowers the required panel cooling capacity.

Product features

• Ethernet-based low-voltage servo drive that is easy to integrate into Festo control solutions or automation solutions with controllers from, e.g. Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff and others.

• Integrated web server for quick and easy online diagnostics, as well as the transfer and update of firmware and parameters.

• Integrated safety functions as a standard: STO safe torque off and SS1 safe stop 1.

Space-saving servo motor EMMT-AS

The EMMT-AS is an AC synchronous servo motor for demanding and dynamic applications. Its space-saving single-cable solution reduces installation effort and time, improves the system’s clarity and simplifies maintenance. It is characterised by an extremely low detent torque, which ensures excellent controllability and thus path accuracy during positioning tasks, whether linear or rotary. The integrated electronic nameplate on which all relevant motor data is stored and read out directly by the CMMT-AS makes commissioning easier, safer and faster.

Both the servo drive CMMT-AS and the low-voltage servo drive CMMT-ST are programmed and commissioned on the same platform, Festo Automation Suite, further simplifying the programmer’s software requirements.

Product features

• Three sizes 60/80/100 with up to 7,6 Nm nominal torque.

• Single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoder.

• Optional holding brake.

• Degree of protection: IP67 for housing and plug connected, IP65 on the shaft with optional sealing ring.

For more information contact Festo South Africa, 0860 033 786, marketing.za@festo.com, www.festo.co.za


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