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First Quarter 2023 Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG’s new NORD MAXXDRIVE-XT industrial gearboxes, which were launched at the Electra Mining trade show last year, have been well received by leaders in bulk logistics, particularly for use in belt conveyor systems.

MAXXDRIVE-XT industrial gear units − developed by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to meet the demands of conveyor technology drives used in the handling of bulk goods and minerals – have advanced features for high thermal and mechanical load capacities, durability for extended service life, and low maintenance requirements.

“The power and speed ranges of the two-stage right-angle gear units have been specially designed for industries that require low speed ranges, in combination with high powers,” explains national sales manager, Deon Crous. “Our drive solutions are individually configured for customers according to the modular principle, which is based on a wide range of frequency inverters, motors, and gear units, together with coupling and brake systems − each with various options.”

Features include hydraulic couplings that are tailored for a particular process and Taconite seals, which protect radial shaft seals against abrasive dust and corrosion to ensure smooth operation and low maintenance requirements, even in tough operating conditions. Large roller bearings and centre distances increase the load capacity of the system and extend the service life of components.

The standard industrial gear unit is equipped with a heavily ribbed UNICASE housing and an integrated axial fan. Due to the increased surface and airflow covers, the cooling airflow is optimised and a high thermal limiting power is achieved. In many cases, additional cooling is not required.

MAXXDRIVE XT units, which provide output torques of 15 to 75 kNm, with speed ratios from 6,3 to 22,4, are available from BMG in seven sizes for powers from 22 to 2100 kW.

Customised explosion-protected motors and geared motors are used to minimise the risk of an explosion of flammable dust in bucket conveyor applications.

BMG also supplies and supports NORD MAXXDRIVE-XD industrial gear units, which have been designed to enhance the efficiency of lifting gear used in many industries.

NORD MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gears offer solutions in lifting applications that place great demands on limited installation space for drives. This system has an increased centre distance that is ideally suited to the U-shaped configuration of the drive, motor and cable drum used in lifting equipment in all kinds of cranes.

The housing of the MAXXDRIVE XD gear units has been specially designed for lifting applications and optimised for downward loads. The elongated arrangement of gear stages also enables a mechanical tailormade dimensioning of the gear unit with sufficient centre distance – thereby avoiding over-dimensioning.

MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units are suitable for use in mining and quarrying, ports, logistics and shipyards, in metal, chemical and paper facilities, and for bulk goods trans-shipment.

With the launch of these new industrial gearboxes, BMG is able to offer a complete package of running gear and lifting gear drives for cranes from a single source.

BMG’s team of technicians supports the NORD range with a technical advisory and support service, which is tailored to meet the precise specifications of contractors, designers and the end user. Local assembly, at BMG World in Johannesburg, enables prompt delivery of drive systems and the quick availability of spare parts.

BMG’s recently launched MAXXDRIVE XT industrial gear units, with high thermal and mechanical load capacities, are tailored to applications where high powers, with low speed ratios, are required.


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