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Second Quarter 2024 Editor's Choice Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Automation specialist, Festo recognises the value of time in the dynamic world of process automation. To cater for this, we have introduced an innovative online configurator tool to transform the way in which engineers and procurement professionals select and size process valves. No more hours have to be spent sifting through catalogues and specifications. With the free Festo Online Configurator Tool, finding the ideal valve solution is just a few clicks away, saving precious time. Whether you are dealing with manually operated or fully automated process valves, the Festo configurator shortens the selection process from hours to minutes.

Festo ball and butterfly valves offer precise flow control and efficient operation, and can significantly improve the functionality and cost-effectiveness of a system. Do you need a KVZB ball valve or KVZA butterfly valve? No problem. They are ready to install, and are perfectly matched and sized for specific applications. Whether you need manually operated or fully automated units with pilot valves, sensor boxes or positioners, the configurator suggests the right solution, providing you with the flexibility you need, without compromising efficiency.

With a few key parameters, the configurator quickly suggests suitable combinations, making the process easy and user-friendly. The benefits extend beyond fast selection. The configurator offers comprehensive project management support, walking users through every step from the initial product search to ordering and delivery. With pricing and delivery information readily available through the Festo Online Shop, procurement has complete transparency and becomes a trouble-free experience.

Below are a few of the features of the Festo Online Configurator Tool:

• A direct link to the Festo Online Shop allows a seamless transition from configuration to purchase.

• The user-friendly interface has an intuitive design that makes navigation simple.

• The configuration-compatible bill of materials simplifies documentation and ordering processes.

• Access to delivery schedules allows you to plan ahead.

In just five simple steps, you can select the most important parameters for your application from the available options and you will immediately receive the right configuration. You will be shown the price of the configuration solution and you can view the bill of materials for your assembly by simply entering your order code on our website.

Upon configuration, the tool generates an order ID for easy reference in future orders. Furthermore, CAD data and drawings for the complete module can be downloaded and integrated into your designs, along with configuration-compatible data sheets and 2D/3D CAD models in various formats, ensuring comprehensive documentation and certification.

From system preferences to additional electrical specifications, the Festo configurator ensures a seamless ordering process, allowing you to specify, configure and order complete plug-and-play process automation valve assemblies from the comfort of your office.

Festo ball and butterfly valves are just one example of the company’s commitment to excellence in automation technology. With their precision engineering, robust construction and versatile performance, these valves allow users to optimise processes and enhance efficiency. Together with the Festo configurator tool, they facilitate optimal system design, allowing users to make informed decisions swiftly. This synergy leads to greater operational flexibility, reliability and productivity, while maintaining stringent quality standards in the automation industry.


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