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New integrated solutions for ­industrial robots

3rd Quarter 2016 Robotics & Mechatronics

Omron has launched 49 new best-in-class robots worldwide. The robots are integrated with Omron’s family of sensors, safety components and award-winning NX/NJ series machine automation controllers to simplify the implementation of robots in a production environment.

These flexible and agile solutions are ideally suited to the local food and beverage, automotive and high technology industries. Evert Janse Van Vuuren elaborates: “The programming software used for the Adept Robots, Adept Ace, has an integrated setup wizard, guiding the user through the configuration setup, allowing fast, easy and user-friendly configuration for pick-and-place sequences for many of the application scenarios pertaining to the South African market. These include pick-and-place applications from stationary platforms, belt camera part picking, fixed camera part picking and static pick and place applications. In many applications relating to pick and place, with or without camera or belt tracking, no complex coding is necessary due to the setup wizard automatic code generator.”

A major benefit of this launch is that it provides industrial robot models achieving both high speed performance and reliability. The release of the three robot families – SCARA, Delta and Articulated – brings high speed performance and reliability to the mechanical side of the Omron solution. All the robots can be controlled by a common integrated development environment, which enables the flexible use of robot types in line with required applications.

It also enables comprehensive linkage with control products, such as PLCs, as Omron industrial robot solutions seamlessly link all robots with the machine control environment managed by the Sysmac automation platform. This improves the total throughput of the most demanding production lines, overtaking the limitations of the traditional framework that uses conventional robots.

What’s more, the integrated software environment facilitates design and development. The Automation Control Environment (ACE) contains useful application-oriented wizards that significantly minimise the amount of programming code. The users have access to a powerful 3D emulation tool that significantly reduces the time to validate new automated processes. Vision guided robotics applications are completely supported by the ACE PackXpert for packaging lines.

Omron’s unique combination of software and control architecture addresses the factory automation challenges of producing a high variety mix of products with short product lifecycles that require rapid production line changeovers. The common controls, integrated software architecture and development environment meet current and future needs for ease of process design, flexible operation and predictable maintenance. This global launch demonstrates Omron’s ongoing focus on innovative solutions that advance manufacturing and productivity through integration of robots with sensing, control, motion and safety capabilities.

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