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SMC’s range of electric actuators
3rd Quarter 2017, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Dynamic industrial processes require sophistication and precision, and processes such as the assembly of circuit boards, positioning of workpieces and sorting of goods all require a high level of automation. SMC product manager, Ernst Smith, says that grippers and actuators are able to fill a broad range of requirements such as thrust, positioning, repeatability, mechanical resilience, geometry and control options. “SMC combines the advantages of pneumatics with the world of electronics in a uniquely comprehensive assortment of electrical actuators, motors and controllers,” he explains. “The standard product range alone provides solutions for countless applications and a wide range of solutions, from miniature and carriage actuators to compact slides, grippers, cylinders and controllers.”

SMC offers stepper and servomotors connected to belt and screw drives for a wide range of applications, as well as motorless actuators for users who prefer to use their own motors and controllers. To enable a connection to higher level fieldbus and SPS systems, the components support current industrial Ethernet protocols.

Solutions for three tiers

SMC organises its assortment of electrical actuators and controllers into three tiers that represent typical user requirements, from easy operation to absolute effectiveness and flexibility. Smith explains that the tiers and levels of flexibility are based around each customer’s unique needs. For customers whose operating conditions rarely change and who prefer quick startup times to high flexibility, SMC’s standard assortment actuators with preset actuator parameters are especially easy to use. For those customers who require more complexity, SMC’s progressively programmable actuators with preset parameters are able to move into many positions and are connected with a step motor power amplifier (type LECPA). AC servomotor amplifiers (series LECS) provide the highest level of precision in terms of position, speed and force control. The LECY AC servomotor power amplifier was developed for machines and systems with quick and precise axis motion. It is equipped with a Safe Torque Off (STO) function, which prevents the drive from starting up unexpectedly. Such safety functions are becoming increasingly important for machine manufacturers with regard to EN ISO 13849 machine safety guidelines.

The LE range

Smith says that the range of electrical actuators in SMC’s LE series has an impressive number of different components. Step motors and servomotors can be found alongside screw and belt drives for various motor installation positions, and guidance systems such as sliding guides, cross-rolling guides and recirculating ball bearing guides round off the assortment. Each of the series, over a dozen in total, contains numerous products with various sizes and specifications as well as additional equipment options. These include, for instance, an integrated motor brake and versions suitable for cleanrooms. “SMC has designed the range over time to meet a wide range of customer requirements, and today the great product variety covers the needs of most industrial applications,” he concludes.

For more information contact SMC Pneumatics South Africa, +27 (0)11 100 5866,,

Supplied By: SMC Pneumatics South Africa
Tel: +27 11 100 5866
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