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Megadyne expands its range
4th Quarter 2017, Shaft power components

The Megalinear Quiet Self Track (QST) polyurethane self-tracking, silent running timing belts are specifically designed and manufactured to reduce the noise level generated during high speed operation. The tooth configuration consists of a left and right helix, which maintains the belt in the centre of the QST pulley, eliminating any belt wander and ensuring high precision linear positioning. The precise and continuous mesh between the belt and pulley, delivers a significant reduction in noise levels, versus a traditional type of trapezoidal or curvilinear tooth design. Additionally, as the Megalinear QST is completely self-tracking, there is no need for flanges on the pulleys. The nylon faced helical offset teeth provide a high torque capacity.

For heavy applications Megadyne offers the Megalinear GW, a high performance thermoplastic polyurethane belt. Superior load capacities can be achieved due to the high shear strength of the tooth design, coupled with high tension, steel zinc coated cords. Megalinear GW guarantees a greater transmittable power under continuous high loads. Megalinear GW is rated at a 30% higher breaking strength in comparison with similar belt types and is especially resistant to rapid changes in acceleration. It is ideal for high load stop/start applications such as automatic storage and retrieval systems, lifting, handling and vehicle body transport.

RPP Steel is a new open ended rubber timing belt, manufactured using an innovative process. The RPP Steel reinforcement is provided by multi stranded, high-strength modulus steel cords of ‘S’ and ‘Z’ twist. They are vulcanised within an EPDM body, forming a single homogenous product. This production technique enhances the tensile strength and makes the belt resistant to flex fatigue forces, whilst the ‘S’ and ‘Z’ cords afford optimum tracking properties. Additionally, this belt withstands chemically aggressive environments (ozone and UVA) and an extended range of working temperatures (-25 to 80°C). Retaining the RPP tooth profile of the existing Silver, the new Silver2 enables full functional interchangeability with other deep profile systems. Current RPP or Silver types can be upgraded without pulley replacement. With increased tooth shear resistance, Silver2 has a compact design that can optimise space and cost for new drive systems.

Megadyne food conveyor belts are suitable for contact with all kinds of food products and designed for all food processing steps from dough processing to packaging, sorting benches and transport of biscuits, chocolate, meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, fruit and vegetables. Clean, safe and resistant to vegetable and animal greases, Megadyne conveyor belts are made to satisfy market needs in terms of size, fabric, compound, colour and pattern.

For more information contact Patrizio Trevisan, Megadyne South Africa, +27 (0)12 661 1652,,

Supplied By: Megadyne SA
Tel: +27 12 661 1652
Fax: +27 12 661 1634
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