Shaft power components

Transmission belts for tough conditions

4th Quarter 2018 Shaft power components

BMG’s portfolio of Fenner power transmission components includes a range of high-strength friction transmission belts that offer longer service life, higher drive efficiency and reduced downtime compared with conventional V-belts. Fenner PowerTwist Drive V-belts, which are manufactured from a high-strength polyurethane elastomer, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric, offer excellent resistance to abrasion, oils and greases, water and steam, industrial solvents and chemicals. “These flexible V-belts are the ideal solution for permanent replacement and fitment into inaccessible locations. They can be custom-sized for each sheave groove, reducing wear and providing a perfect matched set of belts when mounted on a drive. They combine extremely high-strength with low-stretch and have the same power ratings as conventional V-belts. The elasticity of woven polyurethane fabric enables these belts to be stretched over a pulley drive without any damage.

An important advantage is that these durable belts operate efficiently at elevated temperatures to 110°C in harsh environments, for up to 15 times longer than standard rubber and other link V-belts. These flexible belts are also designed for easy installation as a permanent replacement, with minimal downtime. No dismantling of equipment is necessary.”

Also in Fenner’s range of transmission belts are Fenner Power Plus heavy duty drive belts, which meet stringent international quality specifications, as well as the highest standards for static conductivity (ISO 1813 standards).

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