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Energy-saving drives and motors
2nd Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Vert Energy is the exclusive distributor in southern Africa of Leroy Somer electric motors, geared motors, drives and alternators. Managing director, Grant Robertson says that with the implementation of variable speed and the optimisation of mechanical speed reduction efficiencies, maximum saving of electricity consumption can be obtained in any power transmission system.

“Feedback from our customers indicates that by combining Leroy Somer Dyneo permanent magnet technology with variable speed technologies, they have not only significantly reduced energy consumption, but also enjoy a good return on investment and lower overall cost of ownership,” he says. “Through Dyneo permanent magnet solutions with sensorless control and interchangeability with standard IEC mechanisms, we are able to offer our customers the benefits of the high performance of permanent magnet motors with the simplicity of mounting and installation equivalent to traditional asynchronous motors.”

The Dyneo range, which is manufactured in France, includes the option of an aluminium frame size up to 500 kW. Benefits include European quality standards, with certified ratings and efficiencies from approved regulatory bodies; better heat dissipation than with traditional cast-iron frames; and fewer losses due to improved thermal characteristics.

Leroy Somer’s Dyneo permanent magnet solutions enable the construction of lighter units with a reduced footprint, which is particularly beneficial to OEMs. The compact design and fewer mechanical components mean a reduced size of the chassis supporting the motor. This design also facilitates easy installation of the motor onsite, the simplification of lifting equipment required and reduced transport costs. The motor-drive unit ensures high efficiency levels over the whole operating speed range, especially at speeds below the synchronous speed, where efficiency is higher than with asynchronous motors.

Dyneo technology, which also guarantees optimum torque over wide speed ranges without de-rating or forced ventilation, significantly improves the drive’s efficiency and enhances specific output power, offering better performance than conventional technologies. Other important features include adaptation of the motor speed to the speed of the driven machine, improved speed performance of the driven machine, potential elimination of gearing, a low rotor temperature rise and better bearing performance.

The permanent magnet motors are built using the same high quality European mechanical components as Leroy Somer asynchronous motors, to offer reliability and flexibility. This interchangeable range, with standard dimensions in terms of frame size, flange and shaft extension, provides an immediate energy-efficient solution, without the need for modification of the existing system.

Advantages of the sensorless control design include less wiring and fewer connections for simplicity of installation. Encoders or long cable lengths are not required and there are no environmental constraints like vibration, temperature and abrasive dust affecting the machine. These high performance, energy-efficient variable speed solutions are designed for applications requiring high torque at high speed. They enhance power transmission performance in pumping, ventilation, compression, conveying, extrusion, process control and generators.

In a recent project, a variable speed screw compressor equipped with a Dyneo permanent magnet solution was added to the existing four fixed-speed screw compressors used in refrigeration during the production of beer. This upgrade achieved energy savings of 600 000 kWh/yr, an increase in the maximum speed and improved performance of the system.

In a drinking water plant, the replacement of two asynchronous motors with a single 350 kW Dineo motor-drive unit reduced energy consumption by 10% per m³ transferred. The pump has also increased water flow by 15%. The payback period for this system was 14 months.

Another successful installation formed part of a modernisation programme at a rubber extrusion facility, where Vert Energy’s Dyneo solution eliminated the machine off-centre pulley and belt system. The motor can now withstand operation at 50°C above ambient temperature and because of its compact design, it has been installed under the screw.

Another Dyneo solution was selected for a ventilation axial fan upgrade for air treatment towers due to its high specific output power and direct coupling to the impeller. This system had an optimised motor-drive assembly, with sensorless control, ensuring high efficiency over the entire speed range.

Vert Energy’s service to the electromechanical power transmission sector, encompasses the supply of dependable products that combine high performance, energy efficiency, reduced downtime and extended service life, to meet stringent quality, safety and environmental standards. Field services include re-assembly, installation and commissioning, inspections and diagnostics, as well as onsite maintenance and repair work. The company’s factory and OEM trained technicians travel throughout Africa to assist customers with any electro mechanical breakdown situation or routine preventative maintenance procedures.

For more information contact Ryan Robertson, Vert Energy, 086 111 VERT (8378),,

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