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Electrical switching & drive systems & components
Kinetic sculpture interacts with water and light
4th Quarter 2017, Beckhoff Automation, This Week's Editor's Pick

A fascinating play of water, light and motion.

How drives help in papermaking
4th Quarter 2017, Nidec Industrial Automation Southern Africa

Papermaking machinery, from tissue winders through to suction rolls, embossers, print units and conveyors, must utilise the latest drive technologies to meet modern paper mill production schedules and ...

Precious cases
4th Quarter 2017, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives, This Week's Editor's Pick

Manufacture of luxury packaging with servo and control technology from Siemens.

Advanced software solution for drives
4th Quarter 2017, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin now offers an advanced software solution for its AC10 range of compact variable speed drives (VSDs) for industrial motor control applications. It has comprehensive yet user-friendly programming ...

New PMAC programmable multi-axis controller
4th Quarter 2017, Omron Electronics

Omron has announced the global release of its new CK3E programmable multi-axis controllers and industrial PC platform NY51-A IPC programmable multi-axis controllers (PMAC). The company worked together ...

Drive solutions for anaesthesia
4th Quarter 2017, Horne Technologies, This Week's Editor's Pick

There are many experiences we would happily do without. Operations under general anaesthetic are definitely one of them. Anaesthesia and ventilation systems are a critical part, and perfectly tuned drive ...

Keep it clean with Sun filter cartridges
4th Quarter 2017, Axiom Hydraulics

When a valve fails to work properly, so will your machine. The leading cause of hydraulic valve failures is contamination – an easy thing to prevent. However, in compact systems where space is at a premium, ...

Yogurt packaging made 30% faster
4th Quarter 2017, Omron Electronics

French packaging machine manufacturer, Packinov asked its local Omron service department to collaborate on developing a new machine with high levels of compactness and cost efficiency. Packinov not only ...

Brewing up a taste sensation
4th Quarter 2017, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives, This Week's Editor's Pick

Siemens logic module optimises beer brewing process.

Drive system for food and beverage
4th Quarter 2017, SEW-Eurodrive

Movigear drive systems are particularly suited for the food and beverage industry, with its dual demands of high hygiene levels and energy saving, combined with the need to limit any downtime. SEW-Eurodrive ...

Africa’s largest rotor pole refurbishment
4th Quarter 2017

In the largest repair of this nature in Africa, Marthinusen & Coutts recently refurbished 11 of the full set of 14 rotor poles of Motor Generator Unit Three at Eskom’s Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme on ...

Power quality and motor analyser
4th Quarter 2017, Comtest

Fluke has introduced the new Fluke 438-II power quality and motor analyser, adding key mechanical measurement capabilities for electric motors to the advanced power quality analysis functions of the Fluke ...

IE3-compliant motors for wastewater treatment plant
4th Quarter 2017, SEW-Eurodrive

A major upgrade to a wastewater treatment plant in the Eastern Cape is taking advantage of the energy-saving and cost-efficiency features of the latest IE3-compliant DRN motors from SEW-Eurodrive. An ...

Energy-efficient alternative to worm gear units
3rd Quarter 2017, SEW-Eurodrive

The main features of the K-Series are its maintenance-free operating life and wear-free gearing, which translates into high energy efficiency. These are also right angle gear units, meaning they are of ...

Siemens software for high performance bikes
3rd Quarter 2017, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives, This Week's Editor's Pick

Bike manufacturer develops high performance bikes with Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software.

Drives and motors in automotive test rigs
3rd Quarter 2017, Nidec Industrial Automation Southern Africa, This Week's Editor's Pick

Regenerative drives are also often used, so that the drive is able to regenerate electric power when the motor is absorbing energy or providing a load, returning this energy to the supply and reducing ...

NASA relies on maxon technology
3rd Quarter 2017, DNH Tradeserve, This Week's Editor's Pick, Robotics & Mechatronics

Swiss drive specialist, maxon motor will supply several drives specifically developed for the task to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is building the Mars 2020 rover for NASA. The maxon drives are ...

Advanced linear motion systems from BMG
3rd Quarter 2017, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG

BMG’s linear motion systems are designed for high speed, high precision performance to meet the rigorous demands of technologically advanced engineering. Its linear way products include linear guides, ...

Easy plant automation with Contactless Energy Transfer
3rd Quarter 2017, SEW-Eurodrive, This Week's Editor's Pick

SEW-Eurodrive’s Movitrans Contactless Energy Transfer system is based on inductive energy transfer, whereby electrical energy is transferred without contact from a fixed conductor. The electromagnetic ...

Moog launches electrohydrostatic pump unit
3rd Quarter 2017, MOOG

Moog has launched a new-generation electrohydrostatic pump unit (EPU) that helps machine builders and end-users derive the combined benefits of both hydraulic and electric actuation. The EPU is at the ...

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