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Genflex opens cylinder repair division
4th Quarter 2015, News & events

Genflex has opened a hydraulic cylinder repair division at its factory in Alrode. The decision to relocate this division from Pretoria into larger premises was due to an increase in demand for this service. ...

Genflex compounds its market share
4th Quarter 2014, News & events

Genflex manufactured its first hydraulic hose assembly in October 1991. The company held no agencies and relied on its competitors for stock. The racks and bins came from scrapyards and the first month’s ...

Opportunity knocks in the hydraulic hose industry
3rd Quarter 2014, News & events

Over the last 25 years, Genflex Hydraulics has grown into a major supplier of hydraulic hoses and fittings. The company now wishes to expand its outlets by allowing suitable entrepreneurs to participate ...

Hoses for utility maintenance and yellow metal vehicles
3rd Quarter 2014, News & events, Hydraulic systems & components

Genflex Hydraulics is able to supply hoses and cylinders for utility maintenance vehicles (UMVs) used for railway maintenance, as well as hydraulic fittings for yellow metal machinery across various sectors ...

Increase the life of your hose assembly
2nd Quarter 2014, Hydraulic systems & components

Most hydraulic hose assemblies eventually become worn due to friction or chafing. A Spiral Guard wrapped around the assembly can increase its life by up to 300%. Previously imported, the PVC Spiral Guard ...

Genflex distributes from Pinetown
1st Quarter 2014, News & events

Singlehurst Hydraulics, part of the Genflex group of companies, is now the Pinetown distribution centre for Genflex products. All internal and sales staff are undergoing advanced training on the Genflex ...

Genflex supports local industry demand
3rd Quarter 2013, News & events

Over the years, suppliers of hydraulic hose and fittings have attracted orders from other players in the hydraulic hose industry, especially in the mining, construction and transport industries, as well ...

Using the correct hose bore size
3rd Quarter 2013, Hydraulic systems & components

According to Genflex Hydraulics, many trucks and trailers are using the wrong hydraulic hose bore sizes for the pumps that have been fitted. After investigation Genflex has established that hydraulic ...

Piping up installations for heavy duty vehicles
2nd Quarter 2013, News & events

Genflex Hydraulics has put together a team of technicians to install hydraulic systems on horses and trailers which allow the driver to operate all vehicle functionalities fully without having to leave ...

Genflex runs hose assembly workshops
2nd Quarter 2013, News & events

The mining sector is operational 24 hours a day and it is critical that downtime is kept to a minimum due to the high costs involved. The application and use of hydraulic hose and associated fittings ...

Genflex launches 24-hour service vans
1st Quarter 2013, News & events

Genflex Hydraulics has launched a new 24-hour service van for existing and prospective customers. Tiaan du Preez, deputy managing director says, “We have realised that as more companies reduce their staff ...

New machine shop for Genflex
4th Quarter 2012, News & events

Genflex has now streamlined its operations with additional machinery and new computer software that allows the company to track what stock is held at any branch.

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