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Pneumatic Electric Control Systems
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Electric cylinders for food and beverage
1st Quarter 2014, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Tolomatic’s stainless steel ERD electric cylinders are ideal for food and beverage processing equipment in caustic washdown environments where corrosion resistance, ingress protection and hygienic design ...

A new range of brakes and clutches
4th Quarter 2013, Pneumatic systems & components

Gummi’s drum style pneumatic clutches and brakes include the most popular configurations, both expanding and constricting types. These are FK (CB), FKE (EB), FKR (ER), FM (CM), FKT (VC) and DX (Dy-A-Flex). ...

Rotating unions for precision engineering
3rd Quarter 2013, Shaft power components

Modern rotating unions in machining centres are generally based on the balanced seal principle.

Rotating unions for every eventuality
2nd Quarter 2013, Shaft power components

Machine tool speeds have continually increased in the last decades, while manufacturers demand ever finer tools with internal cooling and which penetrate deeper into the workpiece.

Deublin acquires Barco Seals
1st Quarter 2013, News & events

Deublin Company has acquired Barco Seals. Based in Illinois, USA, both companies manufacture rotary unions used in a variety of equipment and process industries. Founded in 1908, Barco first produced ...

High pressure rotating unions for wind turbines
1st Quarter 2013, Hydraulic systems & components

Wind turbines make huge demands on their components. Generating steady shaft speed on a wind turbine requires constant adjustment of the pitch of each blade to handle wind variations. The blades connect ...

Rotating unions for steel coil winding
4th Quarter 2012, Hydraulic systems & components

Strip steel coils are the precursor of many steel products before their final shaping process. These include high strength constructional steels, tin cans and stamped parts for vehicles. Even the plastic ...

Coremo brakes and clutches
3rd Quarter 2012, News & events

Coremo brakes and clutches are used in the mining industry worldwide on draglines, conveyors, minewinders, locomotives and ventilation systems.

Hydraulic pitch control for wind turbines
2nd Quarter 2012, Hydraulic systems & components

Generating steady shaft speed on a wind turbine means constantly adjusting the pitch of each blade to accommodate wind variations.

Selecting a pneumatic valve
1st Quarter 2012, Pneumatic systems & components

Selecting the right pneumatic valve for your machine requires three important factors to be considered: shifting force, balance and speed. In order to ensure a reliable valve, high shifting forces are ...

Operating principles of rotating unions
4th Quarter 2011, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Most modern machine tools and machining centres are equipped with coolant because high-speed cutting tools require both cooling and lubrication to reduce the rate of tool wear and prevent overheating, ...

Caliper brakes for draglines
3rd Quarter 2011, Pneumatic systems & components

The Coremo E4N caliper brake is a pneumatic spring-applied brake designed for heavy duty applications such as draglines, where it is used worldwide to provide smooth, accurate and reliable braking. The ...

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