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Wear-free alternative to electromechanical shaft
1st Quarter 2014, Hydraulic systems & components

The closed loop differential pump (CLDP) servo drive is setting new standards in hydraulics. Unlike electromechanical shafts, this self-contained linear drive offers a high level of overload protection ...

Voith coupling doubles productivity
4th Quarter 2013, Hydraulic systems & components

An additional 350 000 metric tons of coal production per month has been made possible at the Chinese Sandaogou coal mine in Shaanxi province, thanks to the powerful CPC 1600 AFC armoured face conveyor ...

The right drive solution for every belt conveyor
3rd Quarter 2013, Shaft power components

Voith recently delivered 36 fluid couplings for an iron ore distribution centre in Malaysia. Starting in 2014, the couplings will be used in the drives of 16 belt conveyors supplied by the Beumer Group. ...

Self-contained linear drive with fail-safe function
3rd Quarter 2013, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Advanced control of turbines.

Planetary gearbox with impressive reliability
3rd Quarter 2013, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

In a 2013 survey, Voith’s Vorecon variable speed planetary gearbox was found to have an impressive availability of 99,98%. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of the Vorecon is an impressive 48 years, ...

Water operated couplings
3rd Quarter 2013, Shaft power components

Voith’s water operated TW coupling combines customer requirements with Voith’s expertise and specialist ability to develop, design and manufacture a genuine soft-start device. It provides overload protection ...

Fluidrive fluid coupling service
2nd Quarter 2013, Hydraulic systems & components

Voith Turbo supplies the complete Voith Fluidrive fluid coupling range and also offers a service and repair service either onsite or at its state-of-the-art workshop in Boksburg. “Fluidrive fluid couplings ...

Fluid coupling raises productivity of belt conveyor
2nd Quarter 2013, Hydraulic systems & components

Developed especially for drives on open-pit mining belt conveyors, the latest fluid coupling technology from Voith has several benefits. Thanks to the innovative XL blade wheel profile, the TurboBelt ...

Voith walks the torque
1st Quarter 2013, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Voith manufactures and supplies a range of compact and robust torque converters ideally suited for motors that are sensitive to power absorption and high-speed applications. “These hydrodynamic torque ...

Voith receives major order
4th Quarter 2012, Shaft power components

Voith has received a major order for the delivery of 60 variable-speed Vorecon planetary gears.

Water-operated turbo couplings
3rd Quarter 2012, Hydraulic systems & components

Voith Turbo’s water-operated turbo couplings comply with ISO 140001 environmental specifications to meet international demands for environmental protection and safety in mining and industrial operations.

The right connection every time
3rd Quarter 2012, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Voith Turbo South Africa is a specialist supplier of high quality shaft-to-shaft connecting couplings, as well as customised coupling solutions designed to reduce wear and maintenance stoppages and increase service life.

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