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Mesh Wi-Fi made easy

Second Quarter 2020 Smart Home Automation

Running a smart environment on a Wi-Fi backbone requires a good Wi-Fi mesh system, with low latency, and reliable handover between Wi-Fi access points. The reality is that most smart systems are still considered a high-end luxury, and exist in smart homes more often than in smart offices. This makes the choice of Wi-Fi system quite complex because it needs to tick a number of boxes:

• Affordability.

• Reliability.

• Aesthetics.

• Family firewalling.

• Ease of use/installation.

This is where the TP-Link Deco system comes into its own. It is a scalable solution, meaning the system can start within a budget, and grow larger over time. Installation is a breeze – new devices are added to the network at the click of a button via a smart app.

Users are configured with their devices dropped into their portfolio, and each individual’s portfolio has separate, specific rules to manage the sort of content which is available to the user, the times of day they can access the network, and the duration for which each user can access the network per day. Devices can be prioritised, allowing the all-important streaming services to receive priority bandwidth when lots of devices are online. The entire network can be managed remotely, as long as the admin’s cellphone has an Internet connection. Multiple packaging options, from ceiling mount to desk mount, deliver a discreet, aesthetic solution.

It’s no wonder the Deco system is setting the benchmark for smart home environments.


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