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Second Quarter 2020 Smart Home Automation

Modern homeowners rely on technology to be connected, safe, and to enjoy their homes. They are becoming aware of what technology can offer them and want homes that work for them and impress their guests.

The challenge that they face is how to integrate the systems properly, so that they're easy to operate and don't end up adding more complexity, but rather more simplicity. There is an abundance of options available, so it quickly becomes complicated. Added to the challenge is coordinating all of the various service providers, who all need to get their cables and devices distributed around the home.

These systems aren't cheap, and if not managed properly, homeowners can end up spending money and buying themselves headaches. Sales people will push their products and it can leave people feeling confused and vulnerable, not understanding half of the jargon they're hearing. The whole point of considering these systems is to make life easier, not more complicated.

Building professionals and homeowners really need someone that they can trust to guide them through the process. It's important that who they choose has enough experience in the industry to know about the shortfalls of certain solutions, and is committed to the client above being committed to a specific brand, product or sales target.

D-One follows a process that ensures an easy roll-out both for the professional team and for the customer. For the company, it's important that the whole process is easy, not just how the system works when it's installed. Architects, builders and electricians have a lot on their plate. It must be easy for them to design their parts.

D-One works with the top professionals in Cape Town, as well as with smaller companies. For people that want to do a proper job, schedule a call with Darren Swanepoel and have a chat about your home and vision for it. Instead of clutter and confusion, be the king of your castle.

For more information contact Darrel Swanepoel, D-One, +27 21 012 5112,,

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