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Obituary: Steven James Meyer
January 1957 - January 2022
Fourth Quarter 2021, News & events

It is with deep sadness and shock that we announce the sudden death of SA Instrumentation & Control Editor, Steven Meyer. Steven joined Technews in October 2007 in the position of Deputy Editor. His ...
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From the editor's desk: Would you like an NFT?
Fourth Quarter 2021, News & events

One of my favourite light-hearted books is called Fifty Flippen Brilliant South Africans and Elon Musk stands out as one of the giants. He is one of the most iconic inventors and entrepreneurs of our ...
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From the Editor's desk: Building the telescopes of tomorrow
Third Quarter 2021, News & events

There are times when the news can get us down. Sadly the Bloodhound project aimed at breaking the world landspeed record at Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape has stalled, but there is other magic happening ...
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From the editor's desk: Watch this space
Second Quarter 2021, News & events

Space adventures capture our imagination − the thrill of space exploration never goes away − and this issue of Motion Control has a couple of articles relating to the ground-breaking exploits of NASA’s ...
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From the editor's desk: The sun in a bottle
First Quarter 2021, News & events

I was recently captivated by the sheer scale of a new technology. On the horizon is the promise of something way bigger than renewable energy – nuclear fusion – with the vision of a clean and endless ...
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From the editor's desk: Life after coal
Fourth Quarter 2020, Editor's Choice

Renewable energy has been around for a while. But as attractive as the concept might have been, the hard reality was always that it just did not make economic sense. I remember not so many years ago doing ...
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From the editor's desk: The future is calling
Third Quarter 2020, Editor's Choice

The move to level 2 has brought a feeling of renewal. At last we can start thinking ahead and contemplating the future in this new digital world. SAFPA for one has taken the leap, and has engaged an association ...
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From the editor's desk: Moving on after loss
Second Quarter 2020, News & events

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of our CEO, Vivienne Dorrington, after a long and brave battle with cancer. It was a privilege to have worked with her, and everyone at Technews will ...
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IIoT, Industrie 4.0 or 4IR?
First Quarter 2020, News & events

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten: Bill Gates
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From the editor’s desk: The reality of augmented reality
Third Quarter 2019, News & events

Augmented reality (AR) in various forms has been around for a while, think Pokemon, but its application on the factory floor is only now starting to take off. At the Electra Mining Expo I had a chance ...
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Are you ready for Industry 5.0?
2nd Quarter 2019, News & events

In this issue of Motion Control we have some stories about collaborative robots from Festo, Metal Work and Cobot. These are launching the manufacturing industry into a whole new world and are a reality ...
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A new world
1st Quarter 2019, News & events

The soft side of IoT At the start of a new year it’s fun to have a look at what’s in store for us technology-wise, and Gartner Group generally has something to say. Its latest report on Top Strategic ...
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