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Sun carries the load
First Quarter 2024, Hydraulic systems & components

When valuable lives are hoisted in the air, reliable load holding technology is at its utmost importance. That’s why you can count on Sun’s excellent load holding cartridge valves.
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Axiom ups its game
Fourth Quarter 2023, Editor's Choice, Hydraulic systems & components

In today’s competitive market, manufacturers of hydraulic components are constantly challenged to find better, faster and cheaper ways of producing parts. Axiom Hydraulics has met the challenge, and can now deliver a product with superior performance and significant cost savings for its customers.
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Create and recover energy all in one check valve
Third Quarter 2023, Hydraulic systems & components

Energen is a new, high-efficiency check valve from Sun Hydraulics that allows free flow from inlet to outlet, and blocks flow in the opposite direction. Composed of an integrated generator that converts ...
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Cavity cartridges for lower pressure systems
Third Quarter 2023, Hydraulic systems & components

Sun Hydraulics has launched the Sun Common (SC) cavity cartridge valves. Joining the broad range of existing Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves, these new cavity cartridges are optimised for lower pressure systems. These valves boast a common SAE style cavity, which is compliant with SAE cavity standard ISO 17209:2013. There are several great options that will allow you to engineer optimised, interchangeable solutions and enhance the functionality of your demanding applications.
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Axiom raises the bar
Second Quarter 2023, Editor's Choice, Hydraulic systems & components

Established in 1959, Axiom Hydraulics is one of South Africa’s oldest hydraulic companies, and specialises in the design, supply, repair, reconditioning, and servicing of a wide range of hydraulic ...
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A cost-effective flow control valve
First Quarter 2023, Hydraulic systems & components

Sun Hydraulics has released the company’s first solenoid-operated, three-way proportional flow control valve as part of the expanding line of FLeX Series valves. The patent-pending, compact FREP combines ...
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Expanding the market for Dura-Bar
Third Quarter 2022, Editor's Choice, Hydraulic systems & components

Dura-Bar is the largest producer of 5 to 66 cm diameter iron bar in the world. The company is unique in the industry in creating the iron bar stock in a horizontal, continuous casting process without ...
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Concept to solution the short way
Second Quarter 2022, Editor's Choice, Hydraulic systems & components

QuickDesign streamlines your custom design process, delivering complete designs in as little as ten minutes.
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Regeneration valve assemblies
First Quarter 2022, Hydraulic systems & components

Sun regeneration valve assemblies are standard products that are easy to order. Regenerative circuits divert the oil from the rod end of a cylinder back to the bore end, instead of channeling the fluid ...
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More parts for less cost
First Quarter 2022, Editor's Choice

Dura-Bar’s continuous cast ductile iron bar is a cost-saving alternative to low-medium carbon steels. It has similar strengths but with superior machinability and without the defects associated with ...
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Rugged, reliable electro-hydraulics
Fourth Quarter 2022, Editor's Choice

From simple switching valves to sophisticated closed-loop control, Sun’s line of E-H products powers your most demanding applications.
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Electro-proportional relief valve
Third Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

The new RPEI provides smooth, precise control of fan speed with full-flow relief to protect the system if the fan motor stalls. It combines an electro-proportional adjustable pilot stage and high-capacity ...
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