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Eckerle pumps from Axiom Hydraulics
First Quarter 2020, Hydraulic systems & components

Axiom Hydraulics has been awarded the agency for the Eckerle range of high pressure hydraulic pumps. The Eckerle product line comprises gap compensated internal gear pumps for industrial, mobile and automotive ...
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Adjustable priority flow control solutions
Fourth Quarter 2019, Hydraulic systems & components

Sun Hydraulics has developed a range of customisable, adjustable priority flow control solutions. These provide simple, efficient control of auxiliary hydraulic power to a range of mobile equipment attachments. ...
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FLeX your system and configure your future
Third Quarter 2019, Hydraulic systems & components

The new 3- and 4-way solenoid-operated directional valves in the FLeX product family from Sun Hydraulics provide robust electro-hydraulic control for mobile and industrial applications. When paired with ...
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Intermot radial piston motors
2nd Quarter 2019, Hydraulic systems & components

Axiom Hydraulics has added another high quality brand to its impressive range of hydraulic components.
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New FLeX relief valves
1st Quarter 2019, Hydraulic systems & components

New solenoid operated relief valves.
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Axiom Hydraulics grows its range
4th Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

A new addition to Axiom Hydraulics’ comprehensive portfolio of hydraulic brands is the Intermot range of radial piston hydraulic motors.
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Wet brake solution for Land ­Cruisers
3rd Quarter 2018, Editor's Choice, Hydraulic systems & components

Axiom Hydraulics is the exclusive agent for Ausco Products’ wet enclosed LC brake for the Toyota Land Cruiser, the vehicle of choice for South African mining. This well-proven vehicle is commonly used ...
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Sun Hydraulics acquires Faster Group
2nd Quarter 2018, News & events

Sun has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the shares of Faster Group for R6,3 billion. Faster is a leading global manufacturer of quick-release hydraulic coupling solutions. Its primary markets ...
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Performance driven, market priced valves
2nd Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

Sun Hydraulics has launched its new Sun FLeX family of competitively priced, high performance electro-hydraulic products.
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Bluetooth configurable electro-hydraulic driver
1st Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

The XMD is a high powered, electronic control device for electrically operated hydraulic actuators. It is the first of its kind from Sun Hydraulics and was jointly engineered by Sun and Enovation Controls, ...
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Keep it clean with Sun filter cartridges
4th Quarter 2017, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

When a valve fails to work properly, so will your machine. The leading cause of hydraulic valve failures is contamination – an easy thing to prevent. However, in compact systems where space is at a premium, ...
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At the heart of regenerative braking
3rd Quarter 2017, Hydraulic systems & components

Lightning Systems is an innovative, forward thinking company that saw an opportunity a few years back to bring hydraulic hybrid technology to medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles like shuttle buses, ...
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