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Condition monitoring for critical hydraulic equipment
Fourth Quarter 2023, Hydraulic systems & components

Systems maintenance personnel often classify equipment as critical, based solely on its value. Instead, critical equipment should be determined by its importance to the operation and the objectives of the organisation.
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Getting the drop on moisture and contamination control
Third Quarter 2023, Pneumatic systems & components

Studies have shown that contaminated oils are responsible for 70 to 80% of system failures. The two primary causes are particulate and water contamination. The inclusion of in-line filtration or the installation of efficient return-line filters results in cleaner and more efficient systems.
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A buyer’s guide to hydraulic filter and lube filter replacements
Fourth Quarter 2022, Hydraulic systems & components

How has the hydraulics market changed? Sourcing of products has become a very erratic and difficult business. Despite technology, buyers are faced with serious challenges to find filter and element ...
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“Oops! I forgot to check”
Third Quarter 2022, Hydraulic systems & components

Daily checks of hydraulic systems, or checks at the time of employee shift changes, are good practices that should be part of a successful maintenance programme.
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Destructive cavitation in hydraulic systems
Second Quarter 2022, Hydraulic systems & components

Cavitation results from excessive vacuum conditions at the inlet to a pump. High vacuum creates vapour bubbles within the oil, which are carried to the discharge (pressure) side. These bubbles then ...
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Do not neglect to monitor your lube oil system's filtration
First Quarter 2022, Hydraulic systems & components

The viscosity of oil in a lube system can adversely affect the bearings within the system. This is especially so if the maintenance of the hydraulic system is neglected. Failure to filter the oil and ...
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Testing flow and system pressure
Fourth Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

A Business Day headline recently cried: ‘Oil prices rise as energy markets tighten’. The price of Brent Crude has soared from $20 a barrel in April 2020 to $85 a barrel currently − an increase of 325% ...
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Goodbye Mr Chips of the hydraulics industry
Third Quarter 2021, News & events

Reginald Pretorius, a veteran of the hydraulics industry, recently bade farewell to Hydrasales and the industry after a long and distinguished career. Popularly known as Oom Reg, this jovial personality ...
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Understanding your filtration needs
First Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

Contaminants such as solid, liquid and gaseous particles are the bane of a hydraulic engineer’s life. Systems over time become less efficient and ultimately break down. This is costly. The problems are ...
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Monitoring oil with the power of connectivity
Fourth Quarter 2020, Hydraulic systems & components

The latest innovation in the MP Filtri range of condition monitoring products helps system engineers with the digitalisation of their monitoring processes. It identifies contaminants early in the service ...
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Hydrasales celebrates turning forty
Fourth Quarter 2019, News & events

Hydrasales is a specialist distributor of hydraulic filtration and accessories, providing value-driven solutions to its clients and building mutually beneficial relationships with its longstanding suppliers. ...
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Prevention is better than fix
1st Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

MP Filtri’s new LPA 3 third generation sensing unit allows quick and easy monitoring of solid particle pollution in hydraulic oil, avoiding costs linked to unnecessary replacement or damage due to contaminated ...
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