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Understanding your filtration needs
First Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

Contaminants such as solid, liquid and gaseous particles are the bane of a hydraulic engineer’s life. Systems over time become less efficient and ultimately break down. This is costly. The problems are ...
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Monitoring oil with the power of connectivity
Fourth Quarter 2020, Hydraulic systems & components

The latest innovation in the MP Filtri range of condition monitoring products helps system engineers with the digitalisation of their monitoring processes. It identifies contaminants early in the service ...
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Hydrasales celebrates turning forty
Fourth Quarter 2019, News & events

Hydrasales is a specialist distributor of hydraulic filtration and accessories, providing value-driven solutions to its clients and building mutually beneficial relationships with its longstanding suppliers. ...
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Prevention is better than fix
1st Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

MP Filtri’s new LPA 3 third generation sensing unit allows quick and easy monitoring of solid particle pollution in hydraulic oil, avoiding costs linked to unnecessary replacement or damage due to contaminated ...
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Can you afford not to monitor your hydraulic fluid?
4th Quarter 2017, Hydraulic systems & components

More than 70% of hydraulic breakdowns can be attributed to particulate contamination in the hydraulic fluid. A new hydraulic system runs at full pressure, load and speed, but over time contamination can ...
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Avoid fatalities with Faster
2nd Quarter 2017, Hydraulic systems & components

Site engineers need to be extremely careful when staff are connecting attachments to hydraulically powered vehicles. The slightest error or negligent action could be fatal and extremely costly. The Faster ...
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Safer hydraulic fluid leak detection
4th Quarter 2015, Hydraulic systems & components

Hydraulic fluid power is often used to perform operational movement of heavy equipment. Small leaks in hydraulic equipment are difficult to avoid and in some cases they are acceptable if they can be controlled. ...
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Hydraulic diagnostic products
2nd Quarter 2015, Hydraulic systems & components

Flo-tech is a leading brand of portable testers and turbines for hydraulic fluids. Measuring water, oil, chemicals and other fluids, the range is manufactured by Badger Meter, an innovator in flow measurement ...
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Faster visits Hydrasales
2nd Quarter 2014, News & events

Faster SRL’s Africa export manager, Nicola Salvagio recently visited Hydrasales. He conducted training on the latest range of Faster Multifaster blocks and the range of couplers in the FFH and FHV series. ...
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Quick release screw-on couplings
1st Quarter 2014, Hydraulic systems & components

Designed for earthmoving and construction applications, Faster’s FHV range of quick release screw-on couplings can be used on drilling rig machines, trenchless drill machines, demolition machines, scraper ...
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Couplings for tough hydraulic environments
3rd Quarter 2013, Hydraulic systems & components

Faster’s quick release couplings for tough hydraulics applications are based on continuous research, technological innovation and ongoing investment. The company’s high-performance flat-face FFH series ...
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Low cost variable area flowmeters
2nd Quarter 2013, Other technologies

EZ-View variable area flowmeters from Hedland are rugged, low-cost direct reading meters for flow measurement of oil, water and other fluids. They can be installed easily in any orientation without sacrificing ...
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