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High-performance additives protect gears
Second Quarter 2024, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The BMG team works closely with key players in diverse sectors to enhance production efficiencies, minimise downtime and extend the service life of power transmission systems and industrial equipment.
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Wedge belts for tough conditions
First Quarter 2024, Shaft power components

BMG’s extensive range of Fenner power transmission components encompasses high-performance Fenner Quattro Plus Twin Wrapped (QPTW) wedge belts, that transmit 30% more power than the standard Fenner drivebelts.
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BMG’s machine tools on show at Machine Tools Africa
First Quarter 2024, News & events

BMG will be participating at the Machine Tools Africa exhibition. Its stand will showcase the company’s comprehensive range of quality branded tools and equipment, which has been carefully selected by specialists, to meet the exact requirements of customers in diverse sectors.
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Tough couplings for tough industries
First Quarter 2024, Editor's Choice

BMG’s extensive range of power transmission components encompasses robust products from Regal Rexnord, a leading manufacturer of critical system components that perform efficiently under rigorous demands in diverse applications.
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Industrial gear units for lifting drives in mining
Fourth Quarter 2023, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG has launched a new range of Nord industrial gear units, designed to enhance the efficiency of lifting gear used in many industries, including the mining sector. Lifting applications place great demands ...
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High-efficiency motors for mining
Fourth Quarter 2023, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The electric motor is known as the workhorse in the mining industry, and plays a critical role in ensuring optimum productivity at every plant; but a major problem is that they are mostly not optimised for maximum efficiency.
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Fasteners and tools for machine tools sector
Third Quarter 2023, Shaft power components

BMG’s extensive portfolio of fasteners, tools, and related equipment has been carefully selected for dependable operation, flexibility, enhanced safety, and extended service life in diverse sectors, including ...
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Hydraulic bolt tensioning
Third Quarter 2023, Hydraulic systems & components

BMG’s Nord-Lock bolting solutions include Boltight hydraulic bolt tensioning tools, which can be used to tighten bolts simultaneously, ensuring even preload in industrial applications and extreme environments, ...
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Easy couplings for extreme conditions
Second Quarter 2023, Editor's Choice, Shaft power components

BMG’s Timken Quick-Flex couplings, which require minimal maintenance, are able to withstand extreme applications, including hydraulics, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, vibrator screens and fans. They are ...
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High-performance additives and lubricants for sugar processing
Second Quarter 2023, Other technologies

BMG provides engineering components and support services to the sugar industry, ensuring high productivity, reduced energy consumption, minimal downtime and long service life of systems.
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Durable drives for belt conveyor systems
First Quarter 2023, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG’s new NORD MAXXDRIVE-XT industrial gearboxes, which were launched at the Electra Mining trade show last year, have been well received by leaders in bulk logistics, particularly for use in belt conveyor ...
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Why efficient filtration is critical in hydraulic systems
First Quarter 2023, Editor's Choice

Because filtration is the only effective defence against wear and tear when contaminants are present, it is critical that effective filter components are used to ensure dependable performance, high efficiency ...
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