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Bearing Man Group T/A BMG
Tel: +27 11 620 1500
Fax: 086 670 3337
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Air-operated diaphragm pumps
Third Quarter 2019, Pneumatic systems & components

BMG has been appointed by Ingersoll Rand as distributors of the ARO Pro series diaphragm pumps. ARO air-operated diaphragm pumps have been designed to pump virtually any type of liquid with ease – ranging ...

Drives for sewage treatment applications
Third Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG supplies a range of drives designed specially for optimum efficiency in sewage treatment applications. “Nord drives, which consist of Unicase helical shaft mount geared motors, have special features ...

New bolting solutions
Third Quarter 2019, Shaft power components

BMG’s Nord-Lock bolting solutions now include Boltight hydraulic bolt tensioning tools, which are used to tighten bolts simultaneously, ensuring even preload in industrial applications and extreme environments, ...

Hyflo incorporated into BMG fluid technology
2nd Quarter 2019, News & events

The Engineering Solutions Group of Invicta Holdings has incorporated Hyflo Southern Africa into BMG’s Fluid Technology division.

BMG acquires Rustenburg Engineering and Joerg Foundry
2nd Quarter 2019, News & events

Through BMG’s acquisition of Rustenburg Engineering and Joerg Foundry, the company is now a major player in the foundry industry.

Worm gearboxes for solar tracking systems
2nd Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG has extended the supply of Varvel gearboxes and variators for small and medium power applications to include customised worm gearboxes for installation in photovoltaic (PV) solar tracking systems.

Advanced bolt securing system
2nd Quarter 2019, Shaft power components

BMG’s Nord-Lock bolt securing system is based on advanced wedge-locking technology, and is designed to safely secure bolted joints that are exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads in extreme conditions.

Multi-jackbolt tensioners
2nd Quarter 2019, Other technologies

BMG’s Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners reduce downtime and eliminate unsafe and laborious bolting methods, particularly in harsh operating conditions and in areas with limited working space.

BMG celebrates Fenner’s 90 years of business in SA
1st Quarter 2019, News & events

BMG is celebrating Fenner’s 90th year of business in South Africa this year.

Drives with anti-corrosion treatment
1st Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

BMG’s range of Nord aluminium drives is available with the Sealed Surface Conversion System anti-corrosion treatment.

Tsubaki chain wear indicators
1st Quarter 2019, Shaft power components

BMG has extended its range of Tsubaki chain wear indicators, with the addition of the recently launched large size gauges.

Integrated bearing assemblies
1st Quarter 2019, Shaft power components

Included in BMG’s leading bearings brands are NSK's integrated bearing assemblies, designed especially for vibratory screen machines, which are used in arduous construction, agriculture, quarrying and mining applications.

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