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Honingcraft goes solar
Second Quarter 2021, News & events

Honingcraft has implemented the next part of its initiative to move to renewable energy sources. The company has installed a solar energy system that will decrease its carbon footprint and free it from ...
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How much is a second worth?
First Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

There are 86 400 seconds in a day. How much is each second worth? Honingcraft is investing in every second.
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An exciting new initiative
3rd Quarter 2018, News & events

The Hydraulics and Pneumatics Export Cluster (HAPEC) will operate under the auspices of the DTI-affiliated South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC).
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A complete hydraulic support solution
3rd Quarter 2016, Hydraulic systems & components

Honingcraft Moser offers a complete solution for the support of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and hard chrome plating. The company specialises in the supply of hydraulic cylinder tubing, induction ...
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Honingcraft superior hydraulic cylinder honing
2nd Quarter 2011, Hydraulic systems & components

Honingcraft has experienced a meteoric growth phase since its establishment in 1993. The company started with two employees and minimal equipment but rapidly progressed to a stage where new premises, ...
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Honingcraft rechromes hydraulic cylinders
4th Quarter 2010, Hydraulic systems & components

Honingcraft is one of the biggest suppliers of hydraulic cylinder tube, chrome shafts and cast iron tubes in South Africa. The company also offers a chroming, grinding, honing and machining service to ...
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Hydraulic giants clash
3rd Quarter 2010, News & events

Honingcraft and Special Steels work closely together in the marketplace although they are competitors. On 9 July, they took the competition to the soccer field. Byron Ferguson, MD of Special Steels, ...
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ISO accreditation for Honingcraft
2nd Quarter 2010, News & events

Honingcraft has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, aligning quality procedures with international best practice standards and paving the way for company exports. The certification process began in ...
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