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Festo Process Automation solutions for all production levels
Second Quarter 2022, Editor's Choice, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The first leg of the campaign creates an analogy between the human heart and its Process Automation solutions. The heart is at the centre of the vascular system, which is a network of blood vessels ...
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Festo solenoid valves for everyday tasks
First Quarter 2022, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

In the automation industry, machine users are continually confronted with new challenges. The only way to achieve lasting success is by selecting the perfect components. Festo offers over 2200 Core Product ...
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Reliable preconfigured fail-safe circuit from Festo
Fourth Quarter 2021, Other technologies

The preconfigured Festo fail-safe circuit in the ready-to-install control cabinet is a safe and low-cost alternative when it comes to fail-safe technology. It replaces a single-acting actuator and guarantees ...
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Festo gets to the heart of the matter with the Process and Electric Automation campaign
Third Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The company supplies customers with a comprehensive range of complete solutions from components all the way to commissioning that aid in sustaining their business. For the first time, they are offering ...
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Festo Linear Actuator DFPC for harsh conditions within the process industry
Third Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

One of the products that form the heart of absolute automation is the alluring linear actuator DFPC from Festo. Whether you require your linear actuator as an off-the-shelf component or individually configured, ...
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Festo Simplified Motion Series electric drives designed for simple movements
Fourth Quarter 2020, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The Simplified Motion Series integrates all the elements of standard electric drive solutions into a single package for simple motion tasks such as repositioning, aligning, feeding, sorting, clamping, ...
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Festo helps young South Africans realise their dreams
Fourth Quarter 2020, News & events

Festo has been a leading worldwide supplier of automation technology and a performance leader in industrial training and education programmes for almost half a century. The company is more than just an ...
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Do all wireless solutions solve real industry problems?
Third Quarter 2020, Editor's Choice, Pneumatic systems & components

Wireless technology makes use of devices that allow us to communicate without using cables or wires and it plays a role in solving complex engineering problems. With this platform machines can communicate ...
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Moving into 2020 with Festo digitalised products
Second Quarter 2020, Editor's Choice

HoloLens, mobile phones, 3D printing and smart glasses – the gadgets that captured the public imagination in the blockbuster movie 'Back to the Future' over 30 years ago have now become a reality, all ...
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Seamless integrated connectivity for electric automation
Second Quarter 2020, Other technologies

The cloud is everywhere. We save data on the cloud and access it on our phones and computers from anywhere at our convenience. The same applies to seamless connectivity in industrial automation from your ...
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Festo invests in service excellence
1st Quarter 2010, Other technologies

The introduction of the Sales Interaction Department is aimed at achieving improved efficiencies and quicker response times to customer enquiries
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Festo introduces new Control for Motion range
1st Quarter 2009, Other technologies

For point-to-point movements, pre-calculated positions or complete path control, the new Control for Motion range from Festo is scalable and modular, forming an integral part of the company’s mechatronic ...
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