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Gear units need no adaptors
3rd Quarter 2017, Shaft power components

The full range of Hydromec gear units is available from Stone-Stamcor. Manufactured in Italy to European quality standards, the Hydromec range comprises worm, helical, helical-bevel, parallel shaft gear ...
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Rotary unions for every need
3rd Quarter 2017, Hydraulic systems & components

Rotoflux supplies a range of rotary unions suited to any industry need. They can operate at speeds up to 20 000 rpm, pressures up to 400 bar and temperatures up to 340°C. The high speed range is available ...
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Heavy duty linear actuators
3rd Quarter 2016, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The new Thomson Max Jac linear actuator is one of the most rugged actuators on the market today. The result of decades of experience in producing linear actuators for the mobile off-highway market, it ...
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Linear actuators with superior ­performance
1st Quarter 2016, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Thomson’s new Electrak HD electric linear actuator platform with flexible onboard electronics offers superior performance and unmatched environmental protection.       Industry-leading onboard electronics...
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Drive has high velocity loop bandwith
2nd Quarter 2009, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Claimed by the manufacturer to be the first all-digital industrial drive with a velocity loop bandwidth of 800 Hz, the Danaher Motion S200 servo drive is a compact high performance servo drive. The high ...
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New power steering system replacement for electric and hydraulic systems
Fourth Quarter 2006, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Danaher Motion introduces the APS Advanced Power Steering (APS) System. The APS is a quiet, reliable, low maintenance, brushless system that consists of a permanent magnet AC motor with integrated speed ...
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