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Festo Motion Terminal VTEM bolsters productivity

28 September 2020 Pneumatic systems & components

One piece of hardware, several Motion Apps and countless solutions for your automation applications − the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM makes solving real industry problems a great deal easier.

The Festo VTEM is the first product in the industry that can combine digitalisation and pneumatics. Set to revolutionise automation technology, The Festo Motion Terminal VTEM catapults pneumatics into the age of Industry 4.0 with apps that can replace over 50 individual components.

No modification, no additional parts, no arduous installation − none of that is needed anymore. This new valve technology can be used for a wide range of products, functions and complete solution packages. The only prerequisite is a valve design with multiple degrees of freedom for actuation, as well as integrated data acquisition and processing suitable for a cyber-physical system. The overall economic advantages for both the machine builder and the operator as a result of the valve’s variability are immense.

Quickly activated software apps are revolutionising pneumatics by increasing flexibility and energy efficiency and accelerating production processes. Festo’s Motion Apps are the key to almost limitless function integration for valve terminals. Thanks to the fast activation of new functions via apps, machine developers can create a basic machine type. Depending on which apps are selected, they can equip it with different functions and features as per the customer’s requirements. Assigning functions via software has the added benefit of preventing tampering and protecting the machine, since it’s not possible to tell from the outside which functions the valves are executing. Maintenance is also simplified, as long lists of spare and wearing parts are a thing of the past.

The combination of the CPX automation platform and the Festo Motion Terminal offers unbeatable synergies. With CPX, you can use many different control systems and end-user specifications. For instance, the integrated CODESYS controller and OPC UA give you an Industry 4.0 interface, while CPX-CTEL provides an affordable option for I-Port-based system expansions. For example, you can use a CPX-CTEL to integrate up to four more Festo I-Port devices via a bus node.

The Festo Motion Terminal offers you benefits throughout the entire value chain from the design to the modernisation of your machine as defined below.

Reduced installation and setup complexity

No flow controls, end cushioning and regulators are required. Flow controls, pressure control, cushioning and timing are done digitally, automatically compensating for changes in load and input pressure. No external adjustments are possible, thereby preventing unwanted adjustments.

Significant energy savings

The motion terminal can adjust flow and pressure, therefore only using the exact amount of compressed air required for a specific task. Compressed air reduction of 70% is possible in many applications where the return stroke of the cylinder only requires a small amount of pressure.

True predictive maintenance

The ‘leakage management’ app enables predictive maintenance by pinpointing leaks throughout the entire pneumatic control chain, including valves, tubing, connectors and drives. The goal is to detect defective components at an early stage before they bring production to a standstill or damage the machine.

Faster changeover times

Pressure, flow, timing and even valve types are set digitally and can be linked to the machine for instant changeovers.

Reduced spares

One valve does it all. This new valve heralds a new era of flexibility and spare reduction − only one valve is kept in stock.

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