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A new electric actuator

Fourth Quarter 2023 Pneumatic systems & components

SMC’s new electric actuator is an electric drive, that is controlled in the same way as a pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve combination. Electric drives are designed for getting accurate speeds, and adjustable acceleration and deceleration. This, however, normally requires a PLC with complex logic involved to control the electric drives. With the new EQ electric actuator, the setup is simple and easy to control. It works exactly the same way as a pneumatic cylinder, with the ability to set it up to act as a single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve, or closed centred valve. You can set it up to suit your application.

The controller is integrated into the motor housing, so there is no need for an external controller and actuator cables. This reduces wiring and saves space. However, even with all these changes, the mounting dimensions have been kept the same as SMC’s exciting electric drive product range. The motor cover is slightly bigger, to include the integrated controller. Metal M12 connectors are used for the power cable, IO-cable and communication cable, thus providing improved connector rigidity.

Setup is simple, and is completed in the following three steps:

Step 1: Set the operation mode. There are three operation modes: single solenoid mode, double solenoid mode, and closed centre mode.

Step 2: Set the stopping positions to the required extended and retracted distances.

Step 3: Set the speed, acceleration and deceleration.

With these three steps, setup is complete.

The electric actuator is an ideal addition to machines that do not have access to compressed air, or require accurate acceleration and deceleration with controlled speed. All this is achievable while controlling it like a solenoid valve.


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