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A new class of air dryers
1st Quarter 2017, Pneumatic systems & components

Air treatment specialist, Artic Driers International has released the new economically-priced R Class air dryers. These are aimed at clients who expect value for money. CEO, Allen Cockfield says that the introduction of the R Class addresses the needs of the market that demands reasonable build quality with an attractive price tag as well as aftercare support and a unit warranty. “The R class meets and exceeds these requirements,” he says.

The SSD range is for the small user and the flow rate goes up to 4 m³/min. Featuring stainless steel heat exchangers and a simple freon circuit, it provides excellent air quality along with a great price. The PD series provides flow rates from 6,5 to 120 m³/min. These units have modular aluminium heat exchangers with external water separator traps, along with timed automatic electric drains. The PD series comes complete with a simple indicator panel and an LP and HP gas gauge that provides relevant information to the operator and ensures that the dryer performs at peak levels. R class dryers are fitted with Schneider electrics.

The well-proven TX and HX ranges of refrigeration dryers are still part of the portfolio. They have a 15-year history in South Africa and provide a premium quality air treatment solution to end-users and compressor distributors. All the units undergo months of extensive testing at the Artic base in Benoni and have been exposed to ambient operating temperatures in excess of 45C while still providing the target dew points.

For more information contact Allen Cockfield, Artic Driers International, +27 (0)11 420 0274,,

Supplied By: Artic Driers International
Tel: +27 11 420 0274
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