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Simplifying standard pneumatics
3rd Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

Why we need to reduce complexity

The diversity of pneumatic applications and solutions throughout industrial manufacturing sectors can often make it challenging for buyers to select, procure and standardise their component choices for factory automation. What selection do I buy? Will it be flexible enough, versatile enough, comprehensive enough? Most importantly, will it be affordable? Ideally, manufacturers require a collection of products and solutions that could potentially suit the majority of tasks across the pneumatic control chain.

What is the solution

As a leading global manufacturer in the pneumatics field, Festo has applied its many years of experience to the development of an innovative product portfolio to address this exact and growing market need.

The answer to simplified pneumatics lies within the Festo Core Product Range and its easy to identify ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘. Consisting of more than 2200 key devices and accessories for both factory and process automation, the ‘Stars‘ are accessible across the world, attractively priced and designed with the optimised functionality necessary to fulfil 80% of standard automation tasks. This offer simplification makes it much easier for users to choose, purchase, apply and ultimately streamline automation applications almost anywhere.

Easy procurement

The ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘ are readily available from the company’s 13 service centres around the world. Selection has also been made really easy as these components are marked with a distinctive blue star in the catalogue. To further simplify procurement, the intuitive and user-friendly Festo online shop portal allows ordering in just a few clicks.

Perfect mix of components

To suit a broad spectrum of industries and application needs, ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘ components have been carefully selected, ensuring that they can mix and match with each other perfectly to deliver optimum performance levels.


Actuators include mini slides, compact cylinders, guided drives, standard, short stroke and round cylinders, as well as compact semi-rotary drives that require little installation space. Additionally, many of the cylinders offer the self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning ‘PPS‘, which adapts optimally to changes in both load and speed.


‘Stars‘ from the world of valves naturally include electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves, standards-based and universal directional control valves, flow control valves, shut-off and one-way flow control valves – plus the electrical components required for valve terminals.

Air preparation

Ensuring the ideal compressed air solution for specific applications requirements, the core product range also includes a comprehensive mix of service units, filter regulators, standard regulators, on-off valves for switching on and exhausting, as well as soft-start valves for gradual pressure build-up.

Connection technology

To stitch your solution together, you will also find a flexible and comprehensive mix of connection accessories including fittings and connectors in all typical shapes – such as straight, L, T, X and Y-variants. These in turn combine perfectly with standard or hydrolysis resistant tubing ranges, available from Festo in a variety of colours – including transparent.


Sensors also feature among the ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘, with pressure sensors, and proximity sensors optimised for Festo drives and actuators. To further simplify connectivity, modular cable systems are available for quick and easy connection of the sensors to the relevant evaluation units.

Process automation

Over and above general factory automation, the ‘Stars‘ also include a range of solutions to meet the specific needs of process automation environments. These include solenoid, Namur and angle seat valves, positioners, sensor boxes, ball valve actuator units, products for air preparation, and accessories.

The usual quality, service and support

Beyond a superbly balanced component mix, product quality, service and support standards remain uncompromised. Across the globe, the ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘ portfolio comes with all the usual benefits associated with choosing Festo.

When ordering the ‘Stars‘, users can still access convenient software and engineering tools for selection and sizing, engineering design, ordering, commissioning and after-sales support to optimise their machines and systems.

For more information contact Ntando Ndokweni, Festo, +27 11 971 5535,,

Supplied By: Festo
Tel: 08600 FESTO (33786)
Fax: 08794 FESTO (33786)
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