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Frequency inverters reduce energy costs at VW plant
1st Quarter 2017, SEW-Eurodrive

The installation of SEW-Eurodrive frequency inverters has resulted in the Volkswagen Autoeuropa vehicle manufacturing plant in Portugal achieving a 28% reduction in energy consumed by large fans that dry car paint on the production line.

Timing belts in beverage production
1st Quarter 2017, Megadyne SA

Truly endless timing belts from Megaflex are particularly suitable for high tensile loading, power transmission and high speed operations.

Uninterrupted power for Peninsula Beverages
1st Quarter 2017

Cummins has ensured an uninterrupted power supply at Peninsula Beverages (PenBev) after the successful supply, installation and commissioning of three C2250 D5 generator sets and a DMC 300 master controller to provide standby power to Penbev’s Parow facility.

Energy chain from Powermite
1st Quarter 2017

EKD Kolibri energy chain from Powermite has been delivering high quality, reliable, cost saving solutions for seamless operation of mobile equipment for more than three decades.

World’s smallest absolute multi-turn encoder
1st Quarter 2017, Instrotech

Scancon, represented locally by Instrotech, has developed the world’s smallest absolute multi-turn encoder with SSI interface.

Upgraded software for hydraulic systems
4th Quarter 2016, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin has completed a significant upgrade to its established and proven IQAN software. Version 4.0 allows for the easy implementation of distributed machine control, diagnostics and user interfaces ...

Engineering solutions from Powermite
4th Quarter 2016

Powermite has launched an impressive display of unique new cable glands, innovative couplers, reflective mining cables and a host of high quality, rugged electrical components. The state-of-the-art cable ...

Royal Purple lubricants
4th Quarter 2016, Filter Focus

Wear-control specialist, Filter Focus has launched the Royal Purple lubricant brand onto the South African market. Manufactured in the US by Calumet Specialty Products, Royal Purple offers a full range ...

Meter redefines vibration screening
4th Quarter 2016, Comtest

Fluke’s 805 vibration meter is a portable multifunction vibration screening tool that provides quantifiable information on a bearing and the overall health of motors and other rotating equipment. It is ...

Automated grease pump
4th Quarter 2016, Filter Focus

The Hove automated grease pump has been designed specifically to place small or large quantities of grease in an application as accurately and as quickly as possible, without any contamination entry in ...

World’s smallest absolute multi-turn encoder
4th Quarter 2016, Instrotech

Modern industrial applications demand innovative designs featuring high performance, precise information and smaller component footprints. Scancon, represented locally by Instrotech, has developed the ...

Supersonic control in a wind tunnel
4th Quarter 2016, Siemens Digital Factory & Process Ind. & Drives

When it comes to spacecraft and aircraft research, the Transonic Wind Tunnel (DNWTWG) operated by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in G’ttingen is the facility of choice. The TWG is used to simulate ...

Increasing throughput in the automotive industry
3rd Quarter 2016

The South African automotive industry has a specific need for robust and heavy-duty linear overhead materials handling solutions. DMS has been developed specifically as a modular solution to meet such ...

Wire-free lock for compression tube fittings
3rd Quarter 2016, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

A unique wire-free device for locking the nuts of two-ferrule compression fittings on instrumentation tubing is now available from the Instrumentation Products division of Parker Hannifin. Dubbed WireFree, ...

New rail-mounted gantry crane
3rd Quarter 2016

Konecranes has introduced a new rail-mounted gantry (RMG) crane, the Boxporter. This new crane offers the clearest view in intermodal container handling with its ‘smarter cabin’, which gives the operator ...

ProAlloy zinc couplers from Powermite
3rd Quarter 2016

Plugs, sockets and couplers which facilitate the connection of electrical cables to mobile mining equipment are high-theft risk components and the cost of replacing these critical parts is aggravated ...

Belts for the food and beverage industry
3rd Quarter 2016

Megadyne has taken a standard product and re-engineered it to overcome some specific application demands. Megalinear thermoplastic PU timing belts are widely used in the labelling process for heat shrink ...

Ultrasonic bath for Denel Aerostructures
2nd Quarter 2016, Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation recently designed and built an ultrasonic linear measurement bath for Denel Aerostructures. The bath will automate the scanning of composite components that Denel Aerostructures supplies ...

Lubrication reduces energy costs
2nd Quarter 2016

In addition to keeping equipment in optimal shape, modern day lubricants can also contribute to lower energy consumption, faster cleanup and less hazardous waste.

Condition monitoring sensor for HAZ environments
2nd Quarter 2016, SKF South Africa

The SKF Wireless Machine condition sensor provides seamless condition monitoring for large plants, hard to reach locations and hazardous environments.

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