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Artic Driers International
Tel: +27 11 420 0274
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High quality compressed air filtration
2nd Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

Artic Driers International has launched the E Series filter range.

Compressed air leak detection
1st Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

Compressed air costs around R0,13 per cubic metre. A typical 160 kW air compressor will consume around R1,3 million a year in power when providing a basic plant air service plan operating 24/7/365. In ...

Simple verification of modified ­atmosphere packaging
1st Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is well established in the food industry and continues to gain in importance. MAP means that the natural ambient air in the package is replaced by a gas or gas mixture, ...

A unique compressed air dryer
1st Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

The design of any air dryer is critical to its life span. Many dryers, especially the smaller dryers for air compressors with capacities from 0,38 to 1,5 m³/min, are built to a price. The components making ...

New range of retrofit inline filter elements
4th Quarter 2017, Pneumatic systems & components

Artic Driers recently launched a new range of retrofit replacement inline compressed air filter elements that are compatible with casings from a wide range of global manufacturers. Manufactured in the ...

How to extend your filter element life
3rd Quarter 2017, Pneumatic systems & components

High quality inline filter casings and the elements they contain, are an essential part of compressed air treatment. They are the primary defence for removing condensed water, particles, oils and vapours ...

Filtration in pneumatic systems
2nd Quarter 2017, Pneumatic systems & components

Pneumatic valves and cylinders are not cheap, so it makes good financial sense to protect them from premature failure. Water separators have no internal filter element, they rely on centrifugal motion. ...

A new class of air dryers
1st Quarter 2017, Pneumatic systems & components

Artic Driers International has released the new economically-priced R Class air dryers.

Artic Driers launches two new products
1st Quarter 2017, News & events

Artic Driers International recently introduced two new product ranges into the South African market: a completely new range of dryers and a complete range of retrofit filter elements.

Legendary compressed air treatment, equipment and support
4th Quarter 2016, Pneumatic systems & components

Artic Driers is celebrating its 25th anniversary in South Africa, driven by Cockfield family members Barbara, Shelly, Paul, and of course Allen. The company has grown to be the leader in compressed air ...

Air dryer maintenance do’s and don’ts
3rd Quarter 2016, Pneumatic systems & components

Refrigeration air dryers are very reliable and provided they are correctly selected for the application and installed correctly will give many years of service. Dryers have to be re-rated to operate in ...

Cost-effective condensate drain valve
3rd Quarter 2016, Hydraulic systems & components

Artic Driers has released a new cost-effective timed compressed air condensate drain. The 1,3 cm bsp gear driven ball valve is controlled by a 24-hour timer system that controls the closed and open times ...

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