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A bionic flying fox
1st Quarter 2019, This Week's Editor's Pick, Robotics & Mechatronics

Festo has for years been developing research platforms where the basic technical principles are derived from nature.

Festo celebrates 45 years in South Africa
4th Quarter 2018, News & events

In celebration of 45 years of successful growth and development in this country, managing director of Festo South Africa, Brett Wallace paints a picture of the company’s rich history, global heritage and ongoing pursuit of new improved automation solutions for Africa.

How to prove payback on an ­Industry 4.0 project
4th Quarter 2018, This Week's Editor's Pick, Other technologies

Festo not only implements IIoT functions and services into its product portfolio, but also adds training and consulting, for students as well as professionals, using the latest ideas in its Technology Factory at Scharnhausen, Germany.

Festo Industry 4.0 Academy
3rd Quarter 2018, News & events

Festo Didactic has launched the Festo Industry 4.0 Academy. The vision of the academy is to be the hub where managers, engineers, technicians and operational staff can be capacitated to face the challenges ...

Festo Didactic training: September to November 2018
3rd Quarter 2018, News & events

The following courses are available from Festo Didactic:    Pneumatics (1) Basic PN111: Cape Town: September 5-7, October 17-19, November 28-30 Johannesburg: September 12-14, October 10-12, November ...

Simplifying standard pneumatics
3rd Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

The answer to simplified pneumatics lies within the Festo Core Product Range and its easy to identify ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘.

Festo’s human-robot collaboration with artificial intelligence
2nd Quarter 2018, This Week's Editor's Pick, Robotics & Mechatronics

By means of intelligent workplaces capable of learning, such as the BionicWorkplace, and the use of multifunctional tools, collaboration between humans and machines will be even more intuitive, simple and efficient in future.

Getting a grasp on Industry 4.0
2nd Quarter 2018, Other technologies

For Festo, Industry 4.0 is more than marketing hype, it is backed up by solid projects and products.

Festo Didactic training: June to August 2018
2nd Quarter 2018, News & events

The following courses are available from Festo Didactic:

Safety for your plants
2nd Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

Festo has a wide product range and the necessary expertise for applications in which the safety integrity level (SIL) or explosion protection is required.

Pneumatic systems as an energy efficient alternative
1st Quarter 2018, Pneumatic systems & components

Not so with pneumatic automation technology. It is robust, cost-effective and reliable because the compressed air is easy to transport, store and regulate. A comparison of pneumatic and electric actuator ...

Festo Didactic training: February to April 2018
1st Quarter 2018, News & events

The following courses are available from Festo Didactic       Pneumatics (1) Basic PN111:    Johannesburg: February 21-23, March 27-29, April 24-26    Durban: March 14-16, April 24-26    East London: February ...

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