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The top three reasons cylinders fail
Fourth Quarter 2021, Editor's Choice

Cylinder operation requires precise fluid pressure on both sides of the piston. If a seal breaks down and allows fluid to leak from one side of the piston to the other or out of the cylinder altogether, ...
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Parker Hannifin announces new two-day online oil and gas event
Third Quarter 2021, News & events

Parker Hannifin has announced that it will hold an online trade show dedicated to the oil and gas industry, on 6 and 7 October.
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New generation of oil condition monitoring technology
Third Quarter 2021, Other technologies

Parker Hannifin’s innovative oil condition monitoring technology helps marine operators reduce downtime, reduce costs and protect assets. The DIGI Plus offers rapid on-site and on-board oil condition ...
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Mechanical flange system
Third Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

Parker Hannifin’s mechanical flange system for machines and plants − the HPF-Parker High Performance Flange System − has gained DNV GL approval for marine applications. This certifies the use of Parker’s ...
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Forklift products and technologies
Second Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components

The lift truck industry is growing not only in volume, but in sophistication. The demand for friendly interfaces, predictable performance, increased productivity, IIoT connectivity and environmental safety ...
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New range of couplings
First Quarter 2021, Shaft power components

Parker Hannifin is expanding its FlatFace offering with the SCFF series of couplings. This series offers users a number of benefits ranging from low leakage decoupling to the avoidance of air entrapment ...
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Next generation particle contamination monitor
Fourth Quarter 2020, Hydraulic systems & components

Parker Hannifin has launched the icount LaserCM30 particle contamination monitor, a user-friendly field diagnostic device that allows service personnel to quickly and easily assess the cleanliness of ...
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Electromechanical motion products for today’s machines
Second Quarter 2020, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Stroke capacity Among the fundamental questions to ask is: Does the actuator offer various stroke lengths as standard? A product using a ball or leadscrew drive is commonly restricted to stroke lengths ...
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Proximity sensors for pneumatic and electronic actuation
First Quarter 2020, Pneumatic systems & components

Parker Hannifin has introduced a new family of proximity sensors for use with pneumatic or electric actuators in a wide range of automation and motion control applications. P8S magnetic cylinder sensors ...
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Enhancements to Parker’s valve portfolio
First Quarter 2020, Pneumatic systems & components

Parker Hannifin has added an expanded range of features and capabilities to its H Series ISO valve platform with flow ranging from Qn 540 to 5900 Nl/mn. Designed with a new universal manifold, the H Series ...
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Smart sensors for motion control
Fourth Quarter 2019, Other technologies

They can also receive commands and parameter information from the controller and thus adapt to new requirements on a continuous basis. Two-way data flow helps facilitate what can be defined as a true ...
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On the way towards fully electrified mining machines
Fourth Quarter 2019, Editor's Choice, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The more time humans spend working in mining conditions, and near mining vehicles, the more likely they are to be injured, contract illnesses or die in accidents. According to the UN’s International ...
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