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Speedy, reliable loop valve testing
Third Quarter 2019, Hydraulic systems & components

Fluke’s new 710 mA loop valve tester allows technicians to source the 4-20 mA signal while it interrogates HART data to collect critical information about a valve’s position and status, providing quick ...
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Vibration tester for condition monitoring
3rd Quarter 2017, Other technologies

Vibration, on a basic level, is just an oscillation of machines and components in motorised equipment. Sometimes it is a symptom or even a cause of trouble; other times, it is part of normal machine operation. ...
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Single-phase power fault finding tool
Second Quarter 2005, Other technologies

New from Comtest, the Fluke 43B is useful for diagnosing and troubleshooting power quality and general equipment failures. This tool combines the capabilities of a power quality analyser, a 20 MHz oscilloscope, ...
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