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Second Quarter 2020 Pneumatic systems & components

Gimatic is a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for industrial automation. The company specialises in the production of vacuum cups (flat and bellow), pneumatic nippers, air hands and End of Arm Tooling (EOAT).

Its plastics range consists of components that in various combinations create specialised gripper systems that enable any type of robot or automatic equipment to efficiently and safely remove injection-moulded products from their moulds.

These EOATs enable the operator to handle products without damaging them, moving them quickly or inserting them into the finishing cycle in assembly operations. The plastics range offers a selection of perfectly integrated, compatible and uniform items to meet any requirement.

Gimatic also designs and builds customised systems and solutions for specific applications. With its ongoing focus on the most modern technology available, Gimatic enables clients to get more from their machinery and production, resulting in increased efficiency, longer lifespan and reduced waste.

Offering the smallest of parts in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries (thanks to grippers, vacuum cups and miniaturised suspensions) to larger objects in automotive industries (with the help of frames, slides and guides with exceptional precision and high load capacity), Gimatic’s global network provides integrated solutions ranging from robot arms to the smallest peripheral finishing nippers.

The parent company in Brescia, Italy, has a widespread established network backed by two local technical expertise centres, one in Serbia and one in China. Gimatic currently boasts 20 branches worldwide. Over 10% of its annual turnover is ploughed back into research and development to expand its business worldwide. Markets include automotive, robotics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, and factory automation.

For more information contact Ray Williams, Gimatic, +27 82 806 2600,,


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