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A cost-effective flow control valve

First Quarter 2023 Hydraulic systems & components

Sun Hydraulics has released the company’s first solenoid-operated, three-way proportional flow control valve as part of the expanding line of FLeX Series valves. The patent-pending, compact FREP combines an electro-proportional adjustable orifice and pressure compensator in one valve, and can provide a constant priority flow rate independent of load pressures. It is well suited to situations where you need to maintain constant actuator speed, regardless of the load on the actuator, and it provides excellent variable flow control when using a fixed-displacement pump.

The FREP valve brings precise control to orbital motors on conveyors, spinners or fans for equipment like salt spreaders, agricultural spreaders and seeders. Equipment designers and operators can control material output directly, avoiding excess application of material, saving money, optimising yield, and protecting the environment. With these applications in mind, Sun offers a standard assembly for the FREP with the OMP motor interface so it can be mounted easily on an orbital motor, reducing hosing and providing a more compact solution.

The benefits of the FREP are clear:

• Space-saving, pressure-compensated flow control in a single valve solution.

• Very low leakage compared to competitive valves.

• More compact than competing valves with comparable flow rates, using a large hit area on port 3 to deliver higher flows.

The FREP’s patent-pending design uses a pull-type solenoid that allows the main throttle spool to be less sensitive to flow forces. This means you get greater efficiencies, with more flow control, using less power than similar valves from the competition. In demanding, cost-sensitive applications, the FREP is the smart solution.


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