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Vibration and temperature sensor for motor condition monitoring

First Quarter 2023 Pneumatic systems & components

Whether in exhaust systems, pumps or compressors, motors of various sizes are used in almost all production plants and warehouses, quite often in remote locations. Maintaining machines is therefore time-consuming and prone to errors, especially if maintenance personnel are only instructed to perform on-site inspections on an infrequent basis.

Instead, data from multiple motors can be collected, evaluated, centrally displayed and, if necessary, linked to alarm actions in order to warn of impending failures in good time. Users can use radio technology to connect Turck Banner’s QM30VT1 vibration and temperature sensor with the high-performance TX700 HMI device for this purpose.

Has the motor become loose, causing the shaft to be misaligned? Is a bearing jammed or is an attachment out of balance? Mechanical vibration can lead to issues such as these.

The QM30VT1 detects vibrations with a high level of accuracy. For this purpose, the compact MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System)-based sensor is simply mounted directly on the motor block via a magnetic holder. From there, it delivers speed and acceleration data over two dimensions in different frequency ranges. Changes in the measurement data can then be used to identify various forms of damage.

Measuring the temperature of the motors is also vital, as a significant increase in temperature could be an indication of wear or insufficient lubrication on a bearing. The IP67 sensor also detects such temperature changes within a measuring range of -40°C to +105°C. By wiring the vibration and temperature sensor to the battery-powered DX80 radio module, the measured values are then sent to the receiver module of the DX80 via a proprietary wireless network, making it easy for maintenance personnel to transfer the data from the QM30VT1 sensor.

The customised data visualisation of the motor status data is then clearly displayed on Turck Banner’s TX700 HMI/PLC, allowing maintenance personnel to monitor the condition of the motor. By using the TX VisuPro software, the values from the motor can be displayed in a customisable manner. In addition, users can read out historical trends, extract log data or configure alarms such as automatic email notifications.

Ethernet connection to the company network is also possible, allowing data to be queried throughout the entire company. With this standalone solution, maintenance personnel can always view the status data of all machines – whether on site at the HMI or on every computer in the company network, allowing for preventive maintenance to be performed.

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