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Advanced pneumatic valve system

4th Quarter 2014 Pneumatic systems & components

The compact lightweight design of the Aventics AV series of pneumatic valves is setting a new benchmark. The AVO5 valve system is designed to allow closer mounting to actuators for lower compressed air requirements; and its specialised design optimises air channelling for an increased flow volume up to 700 l/min.

“Like the AV03, the AV05 features a more compact size,” says Wolf Gerecke, head of product management at Aventics. “Compared with previous valve systems, the AV series features faster switching times, a lower weight and a smaller size.” As with the AV03, the flow in the AV05 valve system is optimised. The valves can be mounted closer to where compressed air is required. The de­centralised AES fieldbus connection processes analogue as well as digital signals and allows for fast assembly and flexible use.

“We called all known principles of design, materials and assembly into question during the development of this series,” reports Gerecke. “Firstly, the valve components in the housing are arranged diagonally, saving up to 45% spatially. Secondly, shorter distances between the actuator and valve allow for compressed air savings of up to 20%. These unique designs clearly show the innovative leap our AV family has taken in pneumatics.”

High-tech polymers were implemented and a new injection moulding process was developed specifically to realise the design principle. These new materials make the product up to 40% lighter. As a result, the AV system is a perfect fit with the Aventis philosophy of customer focus, speed and flexibility.

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