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Don’t play a game of chance
2nd Quarter 2017, Hydraulic systems & components

Choosing the right load-holding valve shouldn’t be a game of chance and it shouldn’t be a project that takes hours. Now with Sun’s QuickSelect LoadHolding selection tool, you can narrow your options from 184 load-holding models down to a handful of suitable options for your needs in a matter of minutes by answering a few quick questions.

Until now, narrowing your choices has been more hit or miss based on the characteristics of the valve rather than the demands of the application. With QuickSelect LoadHolding you can answer a few key questions about the application and view a short list of relevant valves organised by efficiency and stability.

First, identify whether you need to lock a load in place or modulate and control a load. If you need to lock a load in place, then answer a few key questions:

• Is there backpressure? If so, can a four-port valve be used? If not, do you need a standard or sealed pilot?

• What is the required flowrate?

If you don’t know the required flowrate, Quickselect Loadholding provides a calculator to help. Depending on whether it’s a cylinder application or a motor application, you enter the information you do know, like pump flow rate and cylinder dimensions or motor speed and displacement. The QuickSelect LoadHolding does the calculations.

Conversely, if you need to modulate and control a load, you answer a different set of questions:

• What is the flowrate? Again if you’re unsure, a calculator is provided.

• What is the preferred valve setting (psi or bar)?

• Is there backpressure on port 2 back to tank? If so, can you plumb a fourth line for the vent port?

• What is the preferred pilot ratio?

Not sure about the valve setting? Again the calculator can assist. To get a suggested valve setting, identify whether your application is for rod up (retracting) or rod down (extending), and answer questions about load on the actuator and physical dimensions. Make a selection from the different pilot ratios that are available and estimate how much pilot pressure will be needed to operate your valve and control the load. Concerned about how backpressure will impact your system? Estimate the backpressure and see how it will influence the pilot pressure required to operate your valve.

Once you're happy with your setting and pilot ratio, use them to narrow your valve selection within QuickSelect Loadholding and explore your recommendations. With a small list of recommended valves, you can click on the model code and go directly to the technical data for that valve. To view another valve, close that product window and return to your calculated results and click on another model code. There is no need to dive deep to find out more about each valve. They are all one click away.

Once you have the recommendations from the selector tool and you like what you see, you can capture your answers and your results by clicking on the ‘print’ button. This makes it easier to keep track of your calculations and the valves that meet your criteria. Printed side by side, it makes a handy reference for your project.

For more information contact Fritz Kern, Axiom Hydraulics, +27 (0)11 334 3068,,

Supplied By: Axiom Hydraulics
Tel: +27 11 334 3068
Fax: +27 11 334 4543
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