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Locally produced CE marked accumulators
1st Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

In a move which is a first for South Africa, Powerworks, the South African-based manufacturer of Powerstart starting systems and piston accumulators, is now producing all of its accumulator products as CE marked and pressure equipment directive (PED) compliant.

The pressure equipment directive lays down stringent guidelines for the design, production and testing of pressure vessels and is mandatory in order for products to be sold and used in the European Union. All elements, from product design to material procurement, manufacturing and testing and the particular materials used need to be inspected throughout the process to ensure the utmost quality and adherence to this strict directive.

The accumulators have also been appraised as being compliant with the harmonised European standard EN14359:2017 (gas-loaded accumulators for fluid power applications) as well as the latest revision of the PED, which is 2014/68/EU. The EN14359 standard was updated only last year and Powerworks quickly moved to have its products re-assessed as compliant with the revised standard.

Powerstart piston accumulators are produced in Midrand and are 100% third-party inspected by Lloyd’s Register. For local customers, this translates to a product which far exceeds industry standards for safety and reliability. Users can enjoy the peace of mind which comes from using such a product in our challenging industrial and mining environments. For OEMs who plan on assembling machinery and equipment for subsequent exportation to other countries, the benefit is that they can do so knowing full well that that component is compliant and legal for use in various overseas locations, not only the European Union.

Powerworks has been producing piston accumulators to work at 200 bar for many decades and they boast unique safety features, some of which are patented. Features like a split ring design, which means that accumulators cannot be dismantled whilst under pressure, a double bubble tight seal on the charging valve as well as plugs which have slotted threads for leakage detection are standard and greatly improve the safety of the products. Other features, like high purity nitrile custom-made piston T-seals which resist rolling, as well as a range of oil process connection options, make these the leading accumulators in the industry.

It is advisable for users of pressure equipment to acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations, as ignorance is not a plausible defence in any circumstance. Many mine managers and safety officers are blissfully unaware of a directive by the government mining engineer which recommends amongst others that “all accumulators with screw-in end caps should be phased out as they are replaced.” This comes as a result of an injury which occurred in an underground workshop at a local coal mine when the end cap of an accumulator blew off whilst workers were busy charging the accumulator.

For more information contact Nick Ruberg, Powerworks, +27 (0)11 203 9911,,

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