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Containerised workshop for mine-based hydraulic services
4th Quarter 2018, Hydraulic systems & components

Hytec Services Africa has launched mine site-based containerised hose workshops to provide a comprehensive onsite hose and fittings service to its mining customers across Africa. Set up in refurbished and branded shipping containers varying in size from 6 to 13 metres, the workshops not only provide hose and fittings services, but also enable Hytec to supply its entire range of hydraulic services on a mine site, effectively functioning as an onsite mobile branch.

This gives Hytec a distinct advantage over other companies, which generally only offer hose and fitting services. In order to provide an onsite end-to-end hydraulic offering, the workshop services include Hytec’s hydraulic cylinder service exchange programme, as well as supplying new or providing services for pumps, filtration systems, drives, valves, piston motors and hydraulic maintenance tools. Additionally, as a value-added benefit, Hytec is able to control and stock other hydraulic components on request.

Hytec can provide a startup workshop with stock in very short turnaround times. All workshops come standard with double side doors, 220 and 380 volt plugs with the plug design matching the destination country requirements; all electrics; strip lighting; air conditioner; extractor fans; and shelving to accommodate approximately 800 small stock bins and startup hose stock. Startup workshops are manufactured and readily available, fully fitted in Johannesburg to ensure speedy mobilisation and delivery times.

“The workshop configuration depends on the mine’s requirements,” explains Africa mining services and operations manager, Charlie Harrison. “Mines that require services beyond hydraulic hose and fittings may need additional containers to accommodate filter, pump or cylinder stock. It may also be appropriate to add an office using a six metre container. Each container is custom-designed to the mine’s requirements.”

He points out that if a Hytec container workshop is based in a country without an established Hytec branch infrastructure, the container itself becomes the Hytec country base. “We ensure that the workshop configuration is sufficiently flexible to accommodate all hydraulic components and services to the mines requirements,” he continues. “If, for instance, the mine is in a remote and inaccessible area like many in east, west and north Africa, the containers and their configuration need to allow for supplementary stockholdings due to extended and difficult supply routes.”

Startup hose fittings and adaptors, as well as startup hose stock; crimping and cut-off machines; manual engraver; work bench with vice and stool; hose rack; hose cleaning projectile kit and projectile stock; electric hand grinder and a 2 x 6 metre bolt-on side canopy form the bulk of the container’s standard contents.

“The bolt-on canopy is used to accommodate the hose cut-off machine, which is normally situated outside the container in order to adhere to mine health and safety regulations,” says Africa development manager, Petrus Viljoen. Additional standard contents include a tool cabinet and workshop tools, storage bins and shelving, measuring instruments, display board and white board with markers. Office furniture with amenities like a bar fridge are included, as is all signage and a standard fire extinguisher.

As the container workshops are pre-manufactured and set up in Johannesburg, Hytec will keep at least one in stock at its Gauteng facility. “In Africa a typical mobilisation period is approximately three months. By retaining fully-equipped mobile workshops at our Johannesburg facility we can easily deliver within that period – more often than not a lot more quickly,” says Harrison.

One workshop will remain at Hytec as a demonstration model for potential customers to view and experience, and another located in the DRC will be used for the same purpose. The latter was the original prototype, which is a fully-functional hose and fittings workshop and office that was developed for a Hytec distributor in the DRC. It is ready for mobilisation and until the order is received, it functions as a demonstration unit for potential customers in that country. Later this year, another fully-functioning workshop will be set up at the new Takoradi Ghana main base for West Africa.

“The benefits of our containerised workshops are almost quid pro quo for clients and Hytec alike,” Viljoen says. “Being permanently onsite, our personnel are, for all intents and purposes, part of the customer’s operation, making us first port of call for hydraulic services and equipment. For the customer, they have our hydraulic service offering on their doorstep for immediate turnaround and delivery, and we separate our product pricing and our service fees, so there are no hidden costs for customers.”

For more information contact Charlie Harrison, Hytec Services Africa, +27 11 573 5460,,

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