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Hydraulic systems & components
New seamless steel tube
2nd Quarter 2017, Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW) has added a new range of seamless steel tubing to its already extensive stock – chrome 6 free (CR-6 free) hydraulic line tubing from Salzgitter Mannesmann. This ...

Don’t play a game of chance
2nd Quarter 2017, Axiom Hydraulics

Choosing the right load-holding valve shouldn’t be a game of chance and it shouldn’t be a project that takes hours. Now with Sun’s QuickSelect LoadHolding selection tool, you can narrow your options from ...

High performance mechanical flange system
2nd Quarter 2017, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin has launched the Parker HPF high performance mechanical flange system for machines and installations with a working pressure up to 420 bar. This meets the increasing requirements of the ...

Avoid fatalities with Faster
2nd Quarter 2017, Hydrasales

Site engineers need to be extremely careful when staff are connecting attachments to hydraulically powered vehicles. The slightest error or negligent action could be fatal and extremely costly. The Faster ...

Electronic transmitter with ceramic sensor
2nd Quarter 2017, Instrotech

Kobold Instrumentation’s SEN-96 is an electronic transmitter with ceramic sensor for air, gas, water and oil. It can be installed in gas distribution, hydraulic and high pressure water plants, as well ...

Freaky hydraulics
2nd Quarter 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick

There is some great technology that can be developed by mimicking spiders.

Intelligent absolute position sensor
2nd Quarter 2017, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin has introduced a new integrated absolute position sensor that can provide improved application productivity while offering low installation and maintenance costs. Intellinder equipped ...

A new chapter for hydraulics
2nd Quarter 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick

A new groundbreaking technology could change the face of hydraulics – digital displacement technology (DDT).

A guide for testing control valve positioners
2nd Quarter 2017, Comtest

Valves, the actuators that move them and the electronic circuits that control them, are all subject to ageing soon after they are installed. Valve seats wear from repeated seatings and from the liquid ...

Stack up or fit in
1st Quarter 2017, Axiom Hydraulics

These small Series 0 pressure reducing/relieving valves round out a complete family of products for a wide range of flow rates.

New hose classification system
1st Quarter 2017, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin has introduced a new system comprising three hose classifications: Good – Better – Best, which aims to simplify the selection of appropriate hose for different applications.

Want a thrill – try hydraulics
1st Quarter 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick

Motion Control’s editor, Kim Roberts, spoke to Monty Jasper, corporate vice president for safety and engineering at Cedar Fair in Sandusky, Ohio, about the engineering behind the Top Thrill Dragster.

E-Steering offers greater efficiency
1st Quarter 2017, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin is now able to offer complete E-Steering solutions to the commercial vehicle market.

Nanoscale hydraulics
1st Quarter 2017, This Week's Editor's Pick

Motion Control’s editor caught up with UC Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Ashlie Martini, to find out more about the Simulation, Rheology and Efficiency of Polymer Enhanced Solutions project.

Commercial Shearing’s valve test stand
1st Quarter 2017, Commercial Shearing

Commercial Shearing’s hydraulic valve test stand enables the company to offer a valuable service to its customers, helping them to achieve major cost savings in replacement valves. Based in Jet Park, ...

BMG’s fluid handling portfolio
1st Quarter 2017, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG

BMG’s Pumprite range, a key brand in the company’s fluid technology portfolio, encompasses lubrication, grease, oil and abrasive fluid handling equipment, all designed and manufactured locally to cope efficiently with Africa’s demanding operating conditions.

Premium hose for challenging environments
1st Quarter 2017, Hydroscand

Isobar 350 CO X-Flex is a premium hose from Hydroscand, especially adapted for hardwearing environments where durability and flexibility are essential.

Hydraulics lifts the stage at U2 concert
1st Quarter 2017, Bearing Man Group t/a BMG, This Week's Editor's Pick

Together with Enerpac, Stageco developed a unique system based on Enerpac’s synchronous lift system to raise the modular construction to a height of 30 metres quickly and safely.

Small solution, big results
4th Quarter 2016, Axiom Hydraulics

Sun Hydraulics has launched the industry’s smallest high speed, reduced power logic valves with a 10 ms typical response time in an incredibly small package with few moving parts.

Versatile, low cost pressure sensors
4th Quarter 2016, Instrotech

Kobold has on offer the compact and versatile type SEN-98/-99 pressure sensors. The tried and tested principle of a thick-film ceramic measuring cell ensures great reliability. This pressure sensor meets ...

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