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New FLeX relief valves
1st Quarter 2019, Hydraulic systems & components

New to the Sun Hydraulics cartridge portfolio and FLeX Series family are four new 350 bar solenoid operated relief valves. With a 2-stage, field adjustable design, they offer precise and dependable pressure regulation with up to 100 l/min flow rates. These RVC valves are the only family of valves on the market that offer fully adjustable, ventable and blockable relief functions. They are ideal for fixed-displacement pump applications.

The RVC valves are designed to reduce the complexity and improve the reliability and safety of flow systems. They are 2-stage, balanced piston reliefs. In relief mode, the valves open to tank (port 2), throttling flow to regulate the pressure when the pressure at the inlet (port 1) reaches the valve setting, which is adjustable. Energising the solenoid activates or deactivates the relief function.

Designed and tested to 10 million operational cycles at full rated pressure, these reliable new relief valves come in four options:

• RVCK: Normally vented, energise to relief.

• RVCL: Normally in relief, energise to vent.

• RVCM: Normally in relief, energise to block.

• RVCN: Normally blocked, energise to relief.

Reducing complexity: The valves combine the functionality of two valves into one body and one cavity, reducing materials and creating a more compact and efficient system.

Improving reliability: The main stage orifice is protected by a 150 micron stainless steel screen for extended product life.

Improving safety: The adjustment screw is leak free and contains a mechanical stop to prevent the screw from backing out, offering safe, reliable field adjustment.

Designed with applications in mind

Across the board, the unique design of the RVC family can reduce complexity in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. The 2-stage design combines two cartridges in one, reducing complexity and overall cost.

The valves are also ideal in fixed displacement pump applications. Each model in the RVC valve family presents a distinct advantage to specific hydraulic systems and applications:

• RVCK: Use for pump start-up to unload until pressure is built, eliminating stress on the system, then energise during operation.

• RVCL: Allows the user to energise at start-up and de-energise during operations to keep power consumption lower during use.

• RVCM: Ideal in circuits that require two pressure settings, one with a high setting at acceleration, and one with a setting that is constant. The blockable RVCM regulates pressure throughout.

• RVCN: Use the relief function to preload the cylinder and avoid decompression shock in systems built for high capacities.

The FLeX advantage

These solenoid-operated relief valves add to Sun’s existing FLeX Series of directional control valves and proportional flow control valves.

Like Sun’s other FLeX products, these new relief valves offer the same quality, durability and cost-competitiveness. Typical features of the FLeX range are:

• High reliability: They are designed and tested to 10 million operational cycles at full rated pressure.

• Zinc-nickel plating standard: This gives up to 1000 hour salt fog protection.

• Interchangeable coil options: FLeX valves have the 740 Series high power and 747 Series hazardous location coils in a range of coil terminations and voltage options.

• High performance: They are available in 60 l/min and 100 l/min nominal flow rates.

As Sun continues to grow its FLeX Series, the same goal remains – to provide high performance solutions at cost-effective prices.

For more information contact Fritz Kern, Axiom Hydraulics, +27 11 334 3068,,

Supplied By: Axiom Hydraulics
Tel: +27 11 334 3068
Fax: +27 11 334 4543
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