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Faster results with a digital twin
2nd Quarter 2019, Siemens Digital Industries, Other technologies
The digital twin allowed all the functions and permutations of the stacker to be simulated while simultaneously developing the initial motion control program to provide an optimum starting point for virtual commissioning.

Stepping carefully into the Fourth Industrial Revolution
2nd Quarter 2019, Other technologies
Rapid advances in technology and artificial intelligence in the mining industry raise issues like data protection, intellectual property ownership and legal liability.

Innovation and intelligence for the smart factory
2nd Quarter 2019, Omron Electronics, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
Thanks to increased processing power and the availability of increasing volumes of data (sensitisation of the industry), the discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) in the mechanical engineering sector is gaining momentum.

Pneumatic robotics meets artificial intelligence
2nd Quarter 2019, Festo, Robotics & Mechatronics
Festo’s pneumatic robot hand BionicSoftHand, combined with the BionicSoftArm, a pneumatic lightweight robot, shows that future concepts are suitable for human-robot collaboration.

Music festival is a flying success
1st Quarter 2019, SEW-Eurodrive, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
One of the most spectacular stunts ever achieved at a live music event in South Africa involved flying a replica helicopter across the stage at the Afrikaans is Groot festival at the Sun Arena in Menlyn, Pretoria, which was achieved using state-of-the-art automation and mechatronics technology from SEW-Eurodrive.

A bionic flying fox
1st Quarter 2019, Festo, Robotics & Mechatronics
Festo has for years been developing research platforms where the basic technical principles are derived from nature.

Football pitch in three pieces
1st Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
Sheffield-based engineering firm, SCX, helped to deliver the retractable pitch.

Support for new space telescope
1st Quarter 2019, Tectra Automation, Pneumatic systems & components
Tectra Automation designed and supplied a purpose-built assembly tower to integrate and align the telescope lenses for a new space telescope, using the Bosch Rexroth range of heavy duty modular aluminium profiles and accessories.

The first Mars helicopter will fly with maxon motors
1st Quarter 2019, DNH Tradeserve, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
The Mars helicopter technology will lay the way for many future scientific and exploratory missions to Mars.

Retrofit of sheet metal warehouse
1st Quarter 2019, Beckhoff Automation, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
The modernisation project was handled by Peter Huber, a full service provider of control solutions for sheet metalworking, and a Beckhoff solution provider since 2010.

Taking hydraulics to a new level
4th Quarter 2018, Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa, Other technologies
The recent introduction of versatile digital ecosystems connecting electronic control hardware and software to the cloud will be a game changer for mobile hydraulic machinery and equipment manufacturers.

Fashion and data combine to create iconic African designs
4th Quarter 2018, Siemens Digital Industries, Other technologies
Technology leader Siemens used data from the cities of Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg and wove it into unique fabrics which tell a story about each city.

A revolutionary new heavy duty engine platform
4th Quarter 2018, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
Cummins ISG is a revolutionary global heavy duty engine platform developed using a combination of patented technologies and advanced production techniques.

Blockbuster effects, automated for any theatrical production
4th Quarter 2018, Beckhoff Automation, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
Controlling all the complex moving parts in a large-scale theatrical production requires a robust control system in the background, and Hudson uses Beckhoff’s PC-based control technology.

How to prove payback on an ­Industry 4.0 project
4th Quarter 2018, Festo, Other technologies
Festo not only implements IIoT functions and services into its product portfolio, but also adds training and consulting, for students as well as professionals, using the latest ideas in its Technology Factory at Scharnhausen, Germany.

The eight technologies that will transform manufacturing
3rd Quarter 2018, Other technologies
Recent research identifies vendor challenges and solutions for new future technologies, including robotics, blockchain, AI and edge analytics.

Modern electromechanical ­machine design
3rd Quarter 2018, Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa, Other technologies
Many leading motion technology suppliers have developed their product portfolio specifically for machine designers.

Technology that gets under your skin
3rd Quarter 2018, Horne Technologies, Electrical switching & drive systems & components
Football players Lukas Podolski and Jerome Boateng have them. Olympic swimmer Franziska van Almsick has them. Pop stars such as Robbie Williams and Madonna also decorate their bodies. What does this have ...

Wet brake solution for Land ­Cruisers
3rd Quarter 2018, Axiom Hydraulics, Hydraulic systems & components
Axiom Hydraulics is the exclusive agent for Ausco Products’ wet enclosed LC brake for the Toyota Land Cruiser, the vehicle of choice for South African mining. This well-proven vehicle is commonly used ...

Safe landing every time
3rd Quarter 2018, Siemens Digital Industries, Hydraulic systems & components
Aeronautics research institute studies aircraft braking operations using simulation software from Siemens.


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