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Motor efficiency high on global agenda
First Quarter 2020, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

With electric motors consuming almost 70% of industry’s energy, companies are always looking for better motor efficiencies. For many years, motor efficiency has been well defined; however, when driven ...
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IE3 compliant motor control
Fourth Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The increased move towards the use of IE3 electric motors has made it increasingly important that the most appropriate starting method be selected to ensure optimum performance. With this move it is essential ...
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How to stablilise South Africa’s power supply
Third Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

South Africa could go a long way to cutting the risk of future load-shedding by adopting a minimum efficiency performance standard (MEPS) for electric motors. According to Fanie Steyn, manager of rotating ...
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VSDs drive cost saving in pumping systems
2nd Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

WEG variable speed drives (VSDs) offer the agricultural sector the ability to reduce the operating cost on automated water collection systems with a reduction in motor energy consumption when the motor speed is reduced.
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Energy saving with Zest WEG
1st Quarter 2019, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

WEG IE3 top premium efficiency motors and variable speed drives (VSDs) from Zest WEG leverage available technology to provide an appropriate electric motor and variable speed drive combination that will reduce operating costs while providing reliable performance.
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Extensive electric motor range from Zest
4th Quarter 2018, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Electric motor applications require a reliable, robust fit-for-purpose product that gives the end user the requisite low total cost of ownership. Fanie Steyn, manager for rotating machines at Zest WEG ...
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WEG motor scan set to change industry
4th Quarter 2018, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

WEG Motor Scan is a brand new solution available from Zest WEG Group that facilitates remote monitoring of electric motor installations.
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Commitment to Africa is not just about money
3rd Quarter 2017, News & events

When companies invest in Africa by setting up production facilities here, they contribute far more than just finances, buildings and equipment; they offer their host countries a shortcut into the global ...
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Don’t underestimate your motors’ hunger for power
3rd Quarter 2017, Shaft power components

Over 40% of global electricity is consumed by electric motors, and the figure for South Africa is higher still, according to Zest WEG Group sales engineer, Machiel de Bruyn. Many farmers are not aware ...
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WEG Transformers Africa continues growing
2nd Quarter 2016, News & events

WEG Transformers Africa (WTA), a division of Zest WEG Manufacturing, continues to grow its share in both the South African and African transformer markets. Louis Meiring, CEO of Zest WEG Group Africa, ...
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Zest WEG Group Africa extends guarantees
1st Quarter 2016, News & events

Zest WEG Group Africa recently announced another gamechanger at a media briefing by group CEO, Louis Meiring. Such is the confidence and level of commitment of the company to its customer base that it ...
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Circuit breakers for harsh operating environments
1st Quarter 2016, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

The addition of two new models to the WEG MPW range of motor protection circuit breakers will offer customers a broader range from which to select the most appropriate protection for electric motors. ...
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