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Tyre-actuated globe valve

First Quarter 2024 Pneumatic systems & components

Parker Hannifin has launched a tyre-actuated pneumatic valve in its Bestobell cryogenic globe valve range. The valve can be operated remotely with a single switch command, providing much greater speed and convenience than a manually operated type. This complements the Parker Bestobell range of cryogenic valves, which covers gate valves, ball valves, check valves and relief valves, and globe types. It comes with all the same features, specifications and certifications as the manually operated valves, and is available in the following valve sizes: DN25, DN40 and DN65. It also has various end connections, including butt weld, socket weld, and flanged.

Globe valves are used for pressure and flow regulation and for shut-off. The tyre-actuated globe valve is particularly beneficial to cryogenic transport trailers, as its rubber actuator weighs significantly less than stainless steel linear actuators. The valve features a longer, stronger spring to assure a robust seal on closure – an essential safety consideration. Remote control allows emergency operation; the valve can also be integrated into an automated system, or installed in inaccessible locations. Manual override is provided to perform an emergency discharge if air pressure is lost.

“We developed this product because cryogenic trailer operators were seeking a lighter version of an actuated valve,” said Parker Bestobell cryogenic valves product manager, Olga Krasilnikova.“Operators can save time and effort, and its reduced weight will contribute to better fuel economy.”

For more information contact Parker Hannifin SA, +27 11 961 0700,,


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