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Pneumatic systems & components
Rodless cylinders with integrated directional control valves
3rd Quarter 2018, Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa

Any engineer tasked with specifying a linear actuator for an industrial automation application, will look for products able to deliver reliability, precision and speed. However, there are numerous other, ...

Vacuum tube lifter for starter batteries
3rd Quarter 2018, Tectra Automation

The new Schmalz vacuum tube lifter, JumboFlex Battery, provides a complete solution for the ergonomic and safe handling of starter batteries.

Simplifying standard pneumatics
3rd Quarter 2018, Festo

The answer to simplified pneumatics lies within the Festo Core Product Range and its easy to identify ‘Stars in Pneumatics‘.

Magnetic gripper for handling without vacuum
3rd Quarter 2018, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC has added to its gripper range with the launch of the MHM-X6400, which uses a magnet for the handling of steel plate, without the need for vacuum.

Phase change material compressed air dryer
3rd Quarter 2018, Artic Driers International

SPX Flow has introduced a radically new approach to compressed air drying.

Oil-free compressed air
3rd Quarter 2018

In a first for South Africa’s compressor rental market, compressor and generator rental stalwart, Rand-Air, recently took delivery of an Atlas Copco DXT85VSD electrically driven, oil-free air/nitrogen ...

High quality compressed air filtration
2nd Quarter 2018, Artic Driers International

Artic Driers International has launched the E Series filter range.

SMC rolls out compact cylinders
2nd Quarter 2018, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC Pneumatics' latest compact cylinders, the JMGP guide cylinder and the compact JCQ Series, have been designed with weight and space savings in mind.

Safety for your plants
2nd Quarter 2018, Festo

Festo has a wide product range and the necessary expertise for applications in which the safety integrity level (SIL) or explosion protection is required.

SMC’s success with pneumatic panels
2nd Quarter 2018, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC recently expanded its local production offering to include the design and build of electro-pneumatic control panels for a range of industrial applications.

Valve manifolds for food and packaging
1st Quarter 2018, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC recently launched a new addition to the SY series of valve manifolds targeted at the food and packing market. According to product manager, Ernst Smith, the new IP69K manifold is available as part ...

Pneumatic rodless cylinders in cleanroom applications
1st Quarter 2018, Parker Hannifin - Sales Company South Africa

With industry subjected to increasing demands for product miniaturisation, a major challenge is manufacturing in cleanroom conditions. This applies especially to sectors such as pharmaceutical, medical, ...

Pneumatic systems as an energy efficient alternative
1st Quarter 2018, Festo

Not so with pneumatic automation technology. It is robust, cost-effective and reliable because the compressed air is easy to transport, store and regulate. A comparison of pneumatic and electric actuator ...

Pneumatic energy saving solutions
1st Quarter 2018, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC Pneumatics recently launched a new version of the VEX3 power valve series, used to control actuators. The new modifications allow for improved cost savings and versatility by offering greater energy ...

Compressed air leak detection
1st Quarter 2018, Artic Driers International

Compressed air costs around R0,13 per cubic metre. A typical 160 kW air compressor will consume around R1,3 million a year in power when providing a basic plant air service plan operating 24/7/365. In ...

SMC rolls out compact cylinders
1st Quarter 2018, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC Pneumatics is helping customers meet the demand for space saving components that drive down costs and drive up productivity with the launch of two compact cylinders.

Simple verification of modified ­atmosphere packaging
1st Quarter 2018, Artic Driers International

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is well established in the food industry and continues to gain in importance. MAP means that the natural ambient air in the package is replaced by a gas or gas mixture, ...

A unique compressed air dryer
1st Quarter 2018, Artic Driers International

The design of any air dryer is critical to its life span. Many dryers, especially the smaller dryers for air compressors with capacities from 0,38 to 1,5 m³/min, are built to a price. The components making ...

Versatile connection technology
4th Quarter 2017, Festo

Thanks to its stable material properties, the PTFEN polytetrafluoroethylene tubing from Festo ensures greater process reliability under extreme ambient and operating conditions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ...

New range of retrofit inline filter elements
4th Quarter 2017, Artic Driers International

Artic Driers recently launched a new range of retrofit replacement inline compressed air filter elements that are compatible with casings from a wide range of global manufacturers. Manufactured in the ...

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