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Pneumatic systems & components
Versatile connection technology
4th Quarter 2017, Festo

Thanks to its stable material properties, the PTFEN polytetrafluoroethylene tubing from Festo ensures greater process reliability under extreme ambient and operating conditions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ...

Proportional regulators and valves
4th Quarter 2017, Hydramatics Control Equipment

In a pneumatic system it can be more economical to implement proportional control rather than resorting to expensive electric motors and drives, especially when the application involves the accurate movement ...

Precise control and efficient cooling
4th Quarter 2017, Rittal

The temperature of the cooling medium in machine tools needs to be controlled accurately so as to ensure high precision machining. The cooling system must also be energy-efficient, versatile, reliable ...

New range of retrofit inline filter elements
4th Quarter 2017, Artic Driers International

Artic Driers recently launched a new range of retrofit replacement inline compressed air filter elements that are compatible with casings from a wide range of global manufacturers. Manufactured in the ...

New easy-to-use valve series
4th Quarter 2017, Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation has brought the Aventics ES05 Essential Valve System series to South Africa. The ES05 series now offers a clever, economic and user-friendly solution for applications with standard requirements ...

Secure operational pressure
4th Quarter 2017, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

As an industry rule and to ensure efficiencies, downtime on all production lines should be kept a complete minimum. “SMC supports its customers in this regard by constantly developing products that help ...

Clean style valve manifold
4th Quarter 2017, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

In the food and beverage industry, hygiene is the order of the day. Many systems and system parts need to withstand treatment with steam, high-pressure cleaning and aggressive cleaning agents, whilst ...

SMC’s success with pneumatic panels
4th Quarter 2017, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

In an effort to innovate continuously and provide total engineering solutions while meeting demand, SMC recently expanded its local production offering to include the design and build of electro-pneumatic ...

Safety for your plants
4th Quarter 2017, Festo

The safety and reliability of technical processes are of vital importance for companies in the process industries. Bulk materials and powders in sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries ...

SMC’s new generation valve manifolds
3rd Quarter 2017, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

Since opening its doors in 2016, SMC has continuously promoted the new generation SY series of valve manifolds.

A revolution in automation
3rd Quarter 2017, Festo, This Week's Editor's Pick

All this is made possible by the latest developments in piezo technology and associated software. Just as the smartphone turned the mobile communication market on its head a decade ago, so too Festo’s ...

Pneumatic or electric?
3rd Quarter 2017, Festo

Most linear motions in the field of automation and handling technology are carried out using pneumatic or electric drives. This means that engineers frequently face the challenge of having to find the ...

Three additional communication protocols
3rd Quarter 2017, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

Responding to the demand for broader communication capacities on its popular direct input step motor controller, SMC Pneumatics has now made it available in three additional communication protocols, DeviceNet, ...

Why and how pressure gauges should be calibrated
3rd Quarter 2017, SA Gauge

Pressure gauge calibration is the comparison of measurement values of a unit with those of a more accurate calibrated reference instrument. This instrument is normally traceable to National Standards ...

How to extend your filter element life
3rd Quarter 2017, Artic Driers International

High quality inline filter casings and the elements they contain, are an essential part of compressed air treatment. They are the primary defence for removing condensed water, particles, oils and vapours ...

Valve manifolds with flexible design
2nd Quarter 2017, SMC Pneumatics South Africa

SMC Pneumatics continues to drive design excellence and application with its SY series of valve manifolds which is manufactured locally at its production facilities in Midrand, Johannesburg.

New refrigeration dryer range
2nd Quarter 2017, Tegnon

Tegnon has introduced the new DE ETM refrigeration dryer range from MTA to the South African and African markets. The DE ETM range is the most energy-efficient dryer range available. The innovative design ...

Frequency converters enhance compressor efficiency
2nd Quarter 2017, Tectra Automation

Bosch Rexroth frequency converters for motors from 750 W to 160 kW provide a simple, accurate and reliable three-phase drive control solution for asynchronous AC motors. Tectra Automation recently supplied ...

Pipeline operators rely on Voith coupling technologies
2nd Quarter 2017, Voith Turbo

Voith connection couplings keep compressor systems operational throughout the USA.

Filtration in pneumatic systems
2nd Quarter 2017, Artic Driers International

Pneumatic valves and cylinders are not cheap, so it makes good financial sense to protect them from premature failure. Water separators have no internal filter element, they rely on centrifugal motion. ...

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