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  Pneumatic systems & components

Energy efficient motor technology
2nd Quarter 2014

“The energy costs involved in running a standard compressor over its lifetime far outweigh the initial investment and maintenance costs. The most effective means of reducing operational costs is, therefore, ...

Advanced pneumatic valves
2nd Quarter 2014, Tectra Automation

The new, lightweight AV03 valve system from Bosch Rexroth has an ultra-compact design, thanks to a diagonal arrangement of the valve components, making it ideal for assembly close to the actuator. The ...

Compressed air audits
2nd Quarter 2014, Artic Driers International

A 200 kW air compressor when operating 24/7/365 will cost R1,3 million a year for power and service costs; and manufacturing plants that are over 10 years old will on average waste 30% of the air produced ...

A new line of valve banks
2nd Quarter 2014, Pneumax SA

Pneumax Southern Africa recently introduced the cost-effective OPTYMA-S valve banks to its array of products. Manufactured from a high quality techno-polymer, they have exceptional performance, with high ...

Pneumatic linear actuators
2nd Quarter 2014

The locally designed and manufactured pneumatic linear actuators in the PSV Mitech range feature a double acting or fail open/fail closed operation. Compact in design, they are rated for 1000 kPa and, ...

A new source of valves
1st Quarter 2014

Well known pneumatics, automation and control solutions company, Baccara has opened in Johannesburg. The Israeli company, Baccara Geva, is a market leader in the manufacture of products for automation ...

Cylinders for the food industry
1st Quarter 2014, Festo

Festo has refined its range of pneumatic components to improve hygiene in food and beverage processing applications. They are made of corrosion resistant materials and now have a self-adjusting cylinder ...

An egg-citing lifting solution
1st Quarter 2014, Festo

When a leading broiler operator in the Western Cape required a more efficient solution for its egg lifting device, Festo had just the right solution. The automated device lifts 72 eggs simultaneously ...

Optimise your compressed air system
1st Quarter 2014, Artic Driers International

Compressed air and steam are vital forms of energy for any plant; but often they are the most misused and abused forms of power. They also happen to be the most expensive. So what can a compressed air ...

Pressure sensors for pneumatic applications
1st Quarter 2014, ifm Electronic RSA

The compact PQ Series pressure sensors from ifm electronic are designed for pneumatic applications typically found in robotics and material handling applications. They precisely measure the full range ...

A new range of brakes and clutches
4th Quarter 2013, Pneumatic Electric Control Systems

Gummi’s drum style pneumatic clutches and brakes include the most popular configurations, both expanding and constricting types. These are FK (CB), FKE (EB), FKR (ER), FM (CM), FKT (VC) and DX (Dy-A-Flex). ...

Pneumax expands its footprint
4th Quarter 2013

Pneumax has grown into a complete solutions provider in the fields of industrial automation, process control and motion and control technology. Recently, the company expanded its footprint by opening ...

Energy saving through leak detection
4th Quarter 2013, Artic Driers International

In today’s environment of rising power costs, compressed air auditing is a real need and the cost savings that can be achieved are huge. Allen Cockfield, CEO of specialist air treatment company, Artic ...

Compressed air auditing
3rd Quarter 2013, Artic Driers International

What do the various components of a comprehensive air audit tell you?

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