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Pneumatic systems & components
In search of a suitable pneumatic drive
2nd Quarter 2015

How to avoid design errors and save money

Mini slides with pneumatic cushioning
2nd Quarter 2015, Tectra Automation

Aventics is the first manufacturer to supply mini slides with maintenance-friendly pneumatic cushioning. The MSC is a universal handling component for all handling tasks, including pick-and-place applications. ...

Pneumatic or electric – the answer is hybrid
2nd Quarter 2015, Festo

There are various schools of thought when deciding between the use of pneumatic or electric technology for automation. Festo’s business development manager, Russell Schwulst suggests a sensible mixture ...

Pneumatics on steroids
2nd Quarter 2015

Motion Control’s editor spoke to Monty Jasper, corporate vice president for safety and engineering at Cedar Fair, about the engineering behind the Power Tower.

Upgraded compressors deliver enhanced value
2nd Quarter 2015, Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand, a specialist in compressed air systems, has introduced two new series in its range of R-Series compressors, bringing modernisation and enhanced value to the company’s compressed air solutions. ...

Hi-tech pneumatic impactor for CSIR
2nd Quarter 2015, Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation designed and constructed a pneumatic impactor for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria. Capable of firing a cylindrical bar up to 50 metres per second, ...

Meeting the needs of food ­processing and packaging industries
1st Quarter 2015, Hyflo Southern Africa

Hyflo’s pneumatic range addresses the needs of industry by providing maximum performance while minimising energy costs and downtime.

The correct motor design for any application
1st Quarter 2015

Deprag ensures the selection of the correct motor design for any application.

Custom designed actuators
1st Quarter 2015, Mitech

Mitech’s pneumatic rotary actuators can be utilised in many industrial, R&D, laboratory, production and quality inspection applications which require rotary motion.

How to purchase the right air dryer
1st Quarter 2015, Artic Driers International

Compressed air dryers are designed to standard operating parameters. When a dryer is working with a given design volume within these conditions, compressed air at 3°C dew point and 7 barg will be achieved. ...

Small rotary compressors with ­enhanced reliability
1st Quarter 2015

Ingersoll Rand has extended its R-Series line of compressed air solutions to include small rotary compressors with V-Shield technology to reduce leaks and improve reliability.

Meter for compressed air ­consumption
1st Quarter 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The efector Metris compressed air consumption meter from ifm electronic allows compressed air users to keep a tally of exactly how much this expensive resource is being used or wasted.

Electronic proportional regulator
4th Quarter 2014, Pneumax SA

Pneumax has introduced a new electronic proportional regulator which allows the outlet pressure to be set electronically. “Most proportional regulators currently on the market come with an M12- 4 pin ...

Advanced pneumatic valve system
4th Quarter 2014, Tectra Automation

The AVO5 valve system is designed to allow closer mounting to actuators for lower compressed air requirements; and its specialised design optimises air channelling for an increased flow volume up to 700 l/min.

Groundbreaking rotary lobe ­compressor
4th Quarter 2014

Worldclass hybrid air conveying technology which dramatically reduces energy consumption without compromising on quality or efficiency is available from industrial blower and compressor specialist, Airgas Compressors.

Air motors for demanding ­situations
4th Quarter 2014

Dowson & Dobson’s comprehensive range of Deprag air motors is ideally suited for use in demanding operations.

New needle gripper series
3rd Quarter 2014, Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation has introduced Schmalz’s expanded SNG needle gripper series with the variants SNG-AP (pneumatic) and SNG-AE (electrical). The new grippers are ideal for handling lightweight, thin and ...

An end-to-end pneumatic solution
3rd Quarter 2014, Parker Hannifin (Africa)

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has recently introduced an entirely new range of handling products for industrial automation applications. Complementing Parker’s ...

Monitoring ISO 8573 compressed air standards
3rd Quarter 2014, Artic Driers International

The need for compressed air treatment in South Africa is escalating as global manufacturing and quality standards are applied in this country, allowing manufacturers to compete in world markets. Polluted ...

Saving energy in water treatment
3rd Quarter 2014, Festo

A key target for many water and wastewater treatment plants is reducing electricity consumption. St Petersburg, the most northerly city in the world, is implementing a programme to increase the energy ...

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